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Uninstall update drivers and device firmware
by chapter3 on 2011-07-09 07:34:43

I just had a major problem with my POD : the logo kept looping and the device was totally unusable.

On this forum I found the solution to reset the device but all my presets were gone.

Since I only have had this problem after the driver and device firmware were updated I guess there must be a bug in the software in the update.

Can someone tell me have to uninstall this latest update so I can fall back on the old (and reliable) drivers en device firmware ?

Thanks for helping me out !

Re: Uninstall update drivers and device firmware
by spaceatl on 2011-07-09 07:51:49

Go to the Downloads page and  select your hardware...You can then download whatever version of the firmware that you like...drivers also...Uninstall the current driver and install the one you downloaded....To update the firmware. open Monkey and then select update from file and select the previous version firmware you downloaded...

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