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Input Overload?
by Stemlife79 on 2011-07-23 00:07:54

I recently started to notice that im having a slight "fuzz" coming out when im playing any clean tones. Wether its recording or playing out of a power amp combo, i hear it. It was noticeable when i had to record clean guitars. There was a slight undertone of distortion on the clean setting! Is it because I use active seymour duncan pick ups? Is there a way too cool the signal down? Its alot less noticeable when i hook up a guitar with passive pick ups. Well just wanted to share and see if anyone has experienced anything like this? Should I take it in to get looked at? Help.


Re: Input Overload?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-07-23 00:46:55

You can use the Guitar In switch and experiment with PAD and NORMAL.  PAD should reduce the effect of super hot pickups such as your guitar seems to have.  Rolling the volume control on your guitar back a little bit should lessen the undertone of distortion you're getting and help determine that it is the guitar - as should trying a different guitar or several different guitars that have their stock non-active pickups still installed.   Additionally, a trait of some active pickups is that they can start to give a slightly distorted tone when the battery needs replacement, so if you haven't replaced the battery in a while or you habitually leave the gutar cable plugged in over night when you're not playing the guitar, your battery might be pretty much drained ;-)

What do you have the Output Mode set to when going direct for recording (should be Studio/Direct with cab emulation ON), or Combo Pwr Amp if going direct to the power amp section of a valve combo Cab modelling might be better ON or OFF depending on the combo in use - you'll need to make a judgement call

I doubt whether the problem is with the HD500 TBH, but of course it could be, however you do need to rule the guitar out as a potential cause.  If the guitar's output is simply too hot and is causing some kind of clipping then you might need to get an instrument cable made up that has some in-line attenuation built in (i.e. a resistor in simple terms) but this may roll off some of your desired tone too.  To determine the value of the correct resistor you could make up a simple variable pot plus two jack sockets (one in and one out) in an electronics project box (metal is probably best as it will screen the connections) and put that box in-line with the guitar to HD500 Input, then set it to where the clipping is gone and measure the resistance with the guitar disconnected or you could just use the box as a variable attenuator all the time with that guitar which would be the easiest option.


Re: Input Overload?
by Stemlife79 on 2011-07-23 01:59:17

The Pad switch didnt help much. I always have it on since I knew Id be using hot pick ups. I recently just had my guitars go in for a tune up which Im sure they replaced my batteries, but ill try that later today. Output mode was set to its designated course, Direct for recording and Combo Power Amp, etc... I even tried using 1/4 cables left and right and also the XLR outputs. Same thing. Now the heavy distortion patches I cant tell so much because its made to be overdriven but very noticeable when trying to go clean. Now to your solution, are you talking about something like a "Radial Dragster"? Read it somewhere here that its suppose to help with my similar symptons. Again NickM, thanks for your help.



Re: Input Overload?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-07-23 06:21:51

Maybe.  I can't say I know what goes on inside a Dragster's box, but my suggestion is very simple and cheap. You need a box to put it all in - a little die cast metal electronics project box would do it, a couple of 1/4" jack sockets and a potentiometer - not sure of the value needed but probably a 20K Ohm or 50 K Ohm linear pot would be sufficient because I'm only talking about putting a variable resistance in line with the centre core wire of the guitar feed to attenuate the signal rather than wiring it to ground like a normal volume control.  This may suck tone a little bit though, so the Tonebone Dragster may be better (and it should be for $60).


RE: Input Overload?
by Line6Don on 2011-07-28 08:43:35

Hey Stemlife79,

Sounds like fizzle you are hearing is because your active pickups are slightly clipping the input on the HD. You can try turning down the guitar and adjusting the drive, and channel volume to compensate for this. Or as use a attenuation box of some sort as nickmattocks has suggested to maintain your guitar's settings. In addition you might be able to try and adjust the additional amp parameters settings to try and minimize the fuzz, try adjusting the bias and bias X settings.

Re: Input Overload?
by bclarke675 on 2011-07-28 08:48:02

If you have a treble bleed on your guitar's volume control, lowering your volume there would be the best solution to your issue.

Re: Input Overload?
by SyntheticChild on 2011-07-28 11:08:59

I have the same issue with my active EMG 85/81. I thought it was the pickups at first, but then I tried plugging straight into my amp, bypassing the POD, and the cleans sounded fine. I also tried the 18v mod on the EMGs, which helped, but it made my cleans ridiculously dynamic. Almost like a compressor pumping away. I tired rolling the Vol knob, but that didnt help either. Passive pickups dont clip the POD, only actives. I use the bean, so no input pad for me.

Re: Input Overload?
by silverhead on 2011-07-28 14:03:30

You might also check your Inputs. If Input 1 is Guitar and Input 2 is Same then there can be some doubling up of the input signal that can contribute to the symptom you describe. Try changing Input 2 to something that is unused.

You might also try adjusting a couple of the Amp Edit parameters, especially the cleaner amps: try increasing the Bias and/or decreasing the Master.

Re: Input Overload?
by ozbadman on 2011-07-28 14:09:13

Radial Dragster will have almost no effect on active pickups.

RE: Input Overload?
by Line6Don on 2011-08-01 11:48:06

Hey Stemlife79,

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Re: RE: Input Overload?
by Stemlife79 on 2011-08-01 13:02:49

Its definitely only with certain models (Mostly the fender models). I started digging into some of the cleaner amps and found a few I can substitute. I didnt like rolling back any knobs, thats just my preference, even though when I did, it only helped a little. I pretty much ended up using my neck pick up(which is Active) and it came out pretty good. Only clipped it slightly. Ill try to make some sound samples when i go back to record as I dont have any recording device, I cant really remember what models they were since I was rushing to find something useable. Either way, theres always work around. Some may like it. Some not. And Ill try messing with Bias next time too.

Thanks everyone.


Re: RE: Input Overload?
by lowyaw on 2011-08-02 01:15:28

It's what they call "crossover distortion" emulation in amp models, power amp distortion feature. At least, that what the consensus is. There was a long, long thread with samples and discussion about it, i'll try to find it for you.

Re: RE: Input Overload?
by lowyaw on 2011-08-02 01:16:30

here you go

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