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Want to set up 2 amps with mono fx send and return on both?
by jeffsimpson1 on 2011-08-08 07:51:55

I know this has most likly been discussed previously but I can't find the discussion.

I have 2 amps carvin belair and marshall vintage modern. both have effects loops. I'm currently only using the Marshall in a 4 cable method. I want to expand and use my carvin for clean and my Marshall for distortion but want to use the M13 in the fx loop of both to color my sound. So I want all my fx going post pre-amp because I don't need the distortion, comp etc. I don't want both amps playing at once. I don't want stereo. Has Anyone know if the M13 can do this? I would think it would look something like this but I am not sure.

Guitar -> ABY -> A front input on carvin

                             B front input on marshall

M13-> FX send left (mono)->Carvin FX input -> Carvin FX return -> M13 FX return left (mono)

M13-> FX send Right -> Marshall FX input -> Marshall FX return -> M13 FX return Right.

Thanks for any imput.

RE: Want to set up 2 amps with mono fx send and return on both?
by Line6Hugo on 2011-08-10 09:03:55


The best way for you to set this is up is using the first part of your diagram:

Guitar -> ABY -> A - front input on Carvin, B front input of Marshall


Carvin FX Send -> M13 Left Input, M13 Left Output -> Carvin FX Return

Marshall FX Send -> M13 Right Input, M13 Right Output -> Marshall FX Return

Keep in mind, in this set up, the signal of each amp will be feeding the M13 and any effects will be sent out to both amps' power section at once. For example, if you are using the clean amp and apply a delay, the clean repeats will be heard out of both amps. Same goes when using the distorted amp with any effects, the distorted signal+effect will be sent out to both amps at once.



RE: Want to set up 2 amps with mono fx send and return on both?
by Line6Don on 2011-08-10 09:28:53

Hey jeffsimpson1,

In order to have it setup the way you want it to you will need a to connect your guitar to AB-Y selector box. I would suggest something like this:

This will allow you to split your guitars output into the inputs of both of your amps and give you the option to toggle between the two are have them both on.

You will then need to use two other AB-Y type boxes:

-One to connect both of the FX loop send from the Carvin and the Marshall and sum it down to one output which you would connect to the input of the M13.

-Another one to connect the output of the M13 and split it back into two so that it can back to the each one of the amps FX returns.

This will enable to use the M13 in mono for each amp, one at a time, or at the same time.

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