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Sanding neck
by yainkee on 2011-08-19 07:39:01

I just got the JTV-59. I like it but I dont like the glossy neck. Makes my hands stick to it. I want to sand off the gloss coating so it feels more like a satin finish. Will that void my warranty?

Re: Sanding neck
by jyflorida on 2011-08-19 10:37:56

I can't speak for Line 6 but generally any modification to the instrument will void the warranty.  I know where you're coming from though, I hate glossy neck finishes.

Re: RE: Sanding neck
by Kneehow on 2011-08-22 11:18:53

If you sand the neck down, the "Wood (Lifetime) Warranty" will be voided yes.

The Electronic Components (1 year from date of purchase on receipt) shouldn't be affected.

Re: Sanding neck
by BBarker on 2011-08-22 14:01:27

Before you get the sand paper out, first try some 0000 (Very Fine) steel wool and just lightly work on the finish.  This will give you a satin finish without going all the way through the finish.

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