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Crackling in headphones with POD UX1
by warhols on 2009-05-03 19:50:34

I recently purchased a POD  Guitarport UX1 for my new HP Pavilion dv7-1240us Notebook, mainly to be used for basic, beginner recording. I have no experience with recording software, so I am unable to determine the specific cause of this issue: I went into the POD Farm, using my UX1 as my audio in/out. For about five minutes, things seemed good, and I was mixing and matching amps and effects and playing around, with my headphones on. Then, a high end, electronic static crackling started. This did not go away, no matter if I changed guitars or headphones, and the audio of my guitar is barely heard. At times it sounds like it's trying to fight it's way through the static.The POD level meters were indicating that the sound was audible to the system, as the left/right volume levels were going up and down. The only thing that made it go away was turning down the output on the UX1 to 0. Is there a specific cause to this? A sound card, USB controller? I also adjusted the driver latency and buffer to the smallest amount, and this did nothing as well.

I have been dealing with this for about two months with my PODXT Live, and bought the UX1 thinking this may be the solution. While suggestions have been appreciated, nothing at this point has work (although this is the first question I've posted about the UX1), and I am concerned about other postings that seem similiar where there may not be a solution. If I can't figure this out soon, I will need to return the UX1, as it has been frustrating to not be able to do any recording for the past few weeks. I do know that the issue has nothing to do with my recording software, as I thought before, as I have not ran it since I bought the UX1, but has something to do with the my connection between  the Ux1 and the computer. The computer is brand new, and should meet all minimum requirements. Thank you for your assistance,



Re: Crackling in headphones with POD UX1
by Pavol on 2009-05-16 14:26:27

I have the same problem.

Notebook fujitsu siemens amilo Pa 1510 - I also tried Win Vista and XP and still the same .  also this is also on the new PC.

Re: Crackling in headphones with POD UX1
by jefff on 2009-06-16 19:26:57

i have the same problem on a mac. I asked for help last week.... no response.

Re: Crackling in headphones with POD UX1
by lspiegel on 2009-06-22 10:10:16

See the response I posted here that fixed the crackling problem for me on my Mac:

Ihope it works for you too. I'd be interested to know if it also works on PC.

- Laurie

Re: Crackling in headphones with POD UX1
by tom-starr on 2010-04-14 01:35:27

I had the same problem. I have one running on vista. The only way it would stop. If i went onto the "playback devices" on my volume. and click the recording tab. and leave that open. Some how that seems to stop it. Dont know why or how. It just does

Re: Crackling in headphones with POD UX1
by ggclemente on 2010-05-01 19:02:22

I had same problem and tried updating every driver with no success. What worked for me was removing the cable extension for my headphones and connecting directly them to the pod. Sound clean.

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