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Spider IV 75, 2 wks old, intermittent short?? Corrupt Tone??
by dwball on 2011-08-26 14:56:59

I just purchased my Spider IV a few weeks ago. I have an FBV MKII as well. I have connected to my Mac and uploaded all of the recent firmware and updates. I also downloaded some tones from Spider online and transferred to the amp. All was well until today.

I went to a specific tone I downloaded and the was no sound at all. I switched from A-D and finally the sound popped on when I changed banks. All of the other tones worked fine. I went back to that new tone again and the same thing happened. No sound, and no sound to any of the other presets in that bank.

I figured the tone was corrupted and overwrote it with another tone. All was working ok, for an hour. When I was adjusting a parameter with the black "presets" knob, the amp flickered, showed the Spider IV 75 2.0 screen for a split second and went right back to where I was. It has done this three times today.

Does anyone have a thought on this? Should I return it? If I do a reset, will it wipe out the custom tones I have saved?

Thanks.. DB

Re: Spider IV 75, 2 wks old, intermittent short?? Corrupt Tone??
by geppert on 2011-08-26 17:43:23

I bought a new Spider IV - 210 about a month or so ago and have had absolutely no problems with it so far. I have edited many parameters within the amp on my Mac and made many custom presets. Again, no problems.  So I suggest you may have a faulty amp but it should be totally under warranty? Yes, if you "reset" the amp you will lose all of your custom presets. So the strategy there is to save them to your Mac using the Editor and download them after the reset.

Re: Spider IV 75, 2 wks old, intermittent short?? Corrupt Tone??
by dwball on 2011-08-26 18:26:05

Thanks Geppert. I am going to save my presets to my Mac now. I want to try a "reset" on the amp, and then load my presets back in to see if that solves the problem first. I have a bit of time since I purchased it less than a month ago.

If anyone has any other suggestions, I would really welcome the advice.


Re: Spider IV 75, 2 wks old, intermittent short?? Corrupt Tone??
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-08-28 03:11:31

+1 to Don's advice there.

It sounds like you have one tone that is corrupt for some reason.  You can view the tone in Spider IV Edit without having to have the Spider attached to your computer (this is called off-line mode) and you might simply be able to view the settings and re-create the preset from scratch.  It sometimes happens that a particular preset will throw a wobbler like this due to some kind of aberration caused by something like a glitch in power maybe and then you need to re-create the preset to resolve the issue.  A power conditior of some kind may help prevent this kind of 'computer' type problem occurring in future, but overwriting the suspect preset with something different usually cures issues like this.  It can happen with POD and POD HD units too and overwriting the suspect patch usually resolves it.


Re: Spider IV 75, 2 wks old, intermittent short?? Corrupt Tone??
by dwball on 2011-08-28 13:00:28

Thanks Nick,

I was leaning toward a corrupt file/tone. Only because it happened immediately after an upload. I decided to reset to factory and start over. I uploaded about 6 tones, so I didnt want to take the chance of uploading anything back from a back up that could be corrupt. So far so good. I have only had about an hour of free time to mess with it, but the problem has not re-occured.

Maybe you , or someone else can answer a question. If, in fact, I did have a 3 week old unit that was truly defective, what is the policy? I stopped by the small store I purchased it from and was told the unit would have to be sent in. Now, I have to play 4 shows next week and unfortunately do not have a backup. Is this truly the Line 6 policy? I would like to know in case I run into this in the next week or so. If so, I would assume it would be gone for several weeks. I would probably purchase a new amp (not Line 6) and when I received the old one, sell it for a loss.

Any thoughts on this?

Re: Spider IV 75, 2 wks old, intermittent short?? Corrupt Tone??
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-08-28 14:20:09


Line 6's policy is basically that they or one of their Authorised Service Centres will repair (or replace if necessary) any Line 6 branded equipment for a period of 12 months from the date of original purchase provided the equipment hasn't been damaged by misuse or modification and that the item was purchased in the country where a repair is being sought.

If a piece of Line 6 equipment has been purchased in one country, then taken to another country and subesequently becomes faulty, all costs for shipping to and from Line 6 or an ASC in the country where the item was purchased fall to the responsibility of the owner.

So in essence, Line 6 will repair the faulty item or replace it but obviously it needs to be inspected and assessed before a repair or replacement can be arranged.  That's only fair and basically common sense.

The store on the other hand is a separate entity and what they are obliged to do or not will vary depending on whereabouts they are in the world. 

In the UK for instance there are trading standards laws which are based on the fact that the seller makes a contract of sale with the purchaser and if the purchaser has any complaints about the quality and reliability of the product they purchased, the seller is legally responsibe for twelve months from the date of purchase, to sort the problem out.  However within that twelve months, exactly what the seller is obliged to do by law will depend on how long it is since the item was purchased and certainly after a period of thirty days I think it is, the seller can tell the purchaser that the item has to be returned to the manufacturer for repair and that it will be returned, replaced or refunded within a maximum period which I think is six weeks.  I'm not sure on the exact lengths of time.

However, whatever the law states, there are decent traders who, if there is a genuine problem will help their customers out whatever because obviously they'd like to keep their custom.  In the UK, even though what a trader has to do by law might be that they can take their time and make the customer wait the maximum length of time before the incident is resolved, most traders are decent in my experience and will simply exchange a faulty unit on the spot if they can.  Not that I experience a lot of faulty goods, but I've only had one retailer in recent years who exercised the trading standards rules to the limit in a long time and that was regarding a faulty graphics card for a PC and i almost certainly won't use them again.

What dealers do and don't do beyond their legal obligations is up to them and in some cases unfortunately, they are not always too helpful to their customers.

The bottom line is that with any complex electronics goods, it's almost inevitable that a problem will occur occasionally with a small percentage of items that are mass produced.  In Line 6's case, they will honour their 12 month warranty as per the terms of that warranty and they will endeavour to resolve the issue within a reasonable amount of time. 

FWIW Line 6 do have a good track record in terms of Customer Service.

Your dealer will behave as he/she sees fit for their own success as a business.  You as a potential future customer can choose to go elsewhere if you feel the dealer is being less than reasonable. 

If a product fails within 28 days, I would think it reasonable for the reseller to take responsibility and just sort it out, but that might not be what the law says where you live..

Just my £0.02


Re: Spider IV 75, 2 wks old, intermittent short?? Corrupt Tone??
by dwball on 2011-09-09 10:29:03

Thank you for the great information Nick. The reboot completely solved the problem. I am very reluctant to upload anymore tones due to this. I think I will just play it safe and stick with the factory stuff.

Thanks again!


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