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Shure wb98h/c with XD-V70L?
by kirleyman on 2011-08-29 17:08:00


I looked around but didn't find any reference to the use of the Shure wb98h/c with the XD-V70L system.

I think a lot of us horn players would like to know if they're compatible.

I currently use this mic with a Shure SLX system for my trombone. It's the standard horn clip-on mic from Shure.

It has a TA4F connector so that shouldn't be an issue but I'd like to know if it gets along besides that (it's a condensor).

I'dbe a lot more inclined to purchase an XD-V70L if I didn't have to then go drop extra cash on a mic for it.

Also, with that same logic, what about a XD-V70 with just the belt pack transmitter and the receiver (no mic since I'm not gonna use the lav anyway)?


Re: Shure wb98h/c with XD-V70L?
by dboomer on 2011-08-29 17:23:06

That mic should work just fine. At the present time a package without the mic is not available.  Think of it as a low cost backup in case you tear off the Shure cable at a gig.  It's still a bargin compared to your old system.

There is more info about 3rd party mics in the XD-V FAQ in the "documents" section.

Re: Shure wb98h/c with XD-V70L?
by kirleyman on 2011-08-29 20:14:23

Great. Thanks!

Should I still expect to get around 8 hours from the batteries?

Re: Shure wb98h/c with XD-V70L?
by dboomer on 2011-08-30 09:23:48

Should be the same with either mic.  The factory supplied mics draw current as well.

Re: Shure wb98h/c with XD-V70L?
by DanCornett on 2011-08-31 08:57:45

Let us know how that mic works out, kirleyman ... so it can be added to the "3rd party mic compatibility" document

Re: Shure wb98h/c with XD-V70L?
by kirleyman on 2011-08-31 11:47:14

Will do.

It might be a little while before I make the purchase, though.

But with our band moving to in-ear monitors, I have a feeling my current wireless mic will start having issues which will expediate the process. Trying to operate 10 IEMs plus a couple of wireless mics can lead to intermodulation issues pretty quickly. Getting up and out of the regular wireless band sounds like a good/safe move.

Re: Shure wb98h/c with XD-V70L?
by kirleyman on 2012-04-22 10:49:44

I thought I should reply to this as I've been using this set-up now for about 6 months. It works just fine.

I use rechargeable batteries (NiMh) so I can't really comment on the power consumption since I always use a freshly charged pair which  last through a gig (up to 3 hours).

There are definitely better horn mics out there but for $140, the Shure gets the job done.

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