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Noob question about using others patches on the HD500
by sean106ESP on 2011-09-03 21:17:40

Hey all, got my HD500 and loving it. Making patches is a blast.

I downloded some patches some people posted and I just clicked them and opened them with HD500 edit. How to I find them or am I not installing them by just opening them?

I downloaded to sets of patches and in my Line 6 Edit tab pull down I just have

Best of HD500 (Bunch of patches)

FX Heavy (Bunch of patches)

Songs/Style (Bunch of patches)

Dual tones (Bunch of patches)

Then 4 empty sets of banks.

I did not check first but are the patches I downloaded already in those first few lists and I don't even know it?

Using a iMac OSX Lion.

Thanks all.

Re: Noob question about using others patches on the HD500
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-09-04 01:41:34


I don't play with Apples and Lions - it sounds dangerous - but the process should pretty much be the same as when using a computer with HD500 Edit

The HD500 comes with 512 preset (otherwise known as 'patch' or 'tone') locations.  These are arranged in 8 blocks of 64 patches called Set Lists and these are as you've pointed out:  Best of HD500; FX Heavy; Songs/Style; Dual Tones

If you go to CustomTone and go into the POD HD500 area, you'll find about 1700 patches (tones) currently.  By clicking Get Tone you can download individual patches.  Place these directly on your computer's desktop for now (or put them in a folder where you can find them easily).

Connect your HD500 to your computer and open POD HD500 Edit.  Allow abot 30 seconds for your POD HD500 to transfer all the tones' settings from your POD to HD500 Edit.  Then change the currently selected set list which will probably be Best of HD500 to USER 1 which probably doesn't have anything in it.  Now drag and drop the tones you've downloaded from your computer's desktop into the various empty (New Tone) slots.  Now you can audition these tones before making them permanent (you can overwrite them any time of course).  If you like the tones individually, you simply select the tone in the left pane in HD500 Edit by highlighting it and then in the upper left section marked SEND, simply click on SELECTED which will send the tone to the HD500 thereby making it permanent in as far as it's actually stored in the HD500 until such time as you want to overwrite it or update it.  If you like ALL the tones you have auditioned which are in the currently selected Set List you can SEND SET LIST or if you simply want  to update the whole HD500 click SEND ALL.  The HD500 has the actual unchanged patches stored in it at all times until you overwrite them by SENDing any updated patches to it from HD500 Edit - even though HD500 Edit and your computer may be acting as a 'memory buffer' whilst the HD500 is connected to the computer and may lead you to believe you've maybe overwritten something you didn't want to overwrite.  You can always recall the contents of any patch slot or group of patches from the HD500 by clicking RECEIVE SELECTED, SET LIST or ALL. 

Before you start editing, it's not a bad idea to backup any individual patches to your computer using File Save As.... File Save Set List As... or File Save Bundle As...  (a bundle is every patch in the HD500) which will result in one of three types of file indicated by their file extension (how PC.... LOL ) - .h5e (HD500 individual patch); .h5s (HD500 Set List); .h5b (HD500 bundle).  For speed just backup the bundle.  You can always load up HD500 Edit without the HD500 being connected and then load the bundle and extract individual patches.  There's not necessarily any point doing this if you don't yet have any customised patches you've made yourself except for keeping things tidy and accessible.  All the first four set lists are part of every firmware update anyway, but if it were me I'd just back up the initial bundle anyway as it takes very little hard drive space and very little time to do.

Now - about getting a proper computer..... (JK)....


Re: Noob question about using others patches on the HD500
by sean106ESP on 2011-09-04 08:57:33

Thanks so much for the detailed answer.

Yeah I downloaded some patches last night from custom tone and saw them going into POD HD Edit with a little start next to them so I could see which was new etc.

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