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FBV Express MKII
by joaomb on 2011-09-15 18:31:17

I've been trying to figure out if the FBV Express MKII can be usefull to tap the beggining and end of quick loops or it just taps tempo.

By the way, same question to FBV-2.

Re: FBV Express MKII
by fflbrgst on 2011-09-16 07:16:10

From the Spider IV 75 manual section 5:

Looper Tips

For those of you who might be interested in multiple overdubbing and more advanced control of the looper, Spider IV can accommodate you. Although all Quick Loop functions are assigned to one button, which is Tap

, we’ve added a second layer of control by programming a ‘quick press’ and a ‘press and hold’ functionality for the Tap button.

Of course it isn’t easy to play guitar with both hands and press buttons at the same time, so you might want to use an FBV foot controller to control your looper. Using the

Tap switch on an FBV Shortboard, for example, labeled in the graphic below, here are a few tips you can try with your Spider IV when you’re in Looper Control Mode


Record/Overdub –

first press the Quick Loop button (or Function 2 ); now to record your initial loop, set an accurate out-point and begin overdubbing immediately...

• Step on the Tap switch to begin recording your loop, but don’t release the switch

• With your initial take in progress, when you’re ready to set your loop out-point and record your first overdub, lift your foot off the Tap


• Your loop will play back from the beginning and you’ll be in Overdub mode, recording over your original loop

• If you continue to let it roll, you’ll add a new overdub with each pass; to stop overdubbing and enter Playback mode, briefly press the Tap


You can now jam along with your loop, or press the


switch again to stop playback.

Set Out-Point/ Arm Overdub –

to accurately set your loop out-point and arm Overdub mode in advance of recording your next layer of guitar, try this:

• Step on

Tap briefly and release to begin recording your loop

• Step on

Tap at the out point and hold - you’ll enter Playback mode immediately

• When you’re ready to record an overdub, release the Tap switch to enter Overdub mode; if you continue to let your loop roll, each time it loops around you’ll be adding another overdub layer

• To exit Overdub mode and immediately enter Playback mode, briefly step on the

Tap switch; if you’d rather stop playback, step on the Tap

switch and hold

Arm Overdub From Playback –

after you’ve recorded your initial loop and set the out-point, you can enter Overdub mode at any time. With your loop playing back:

• Press and hold the Tap switch - when you’re ready to record, release the Tap switch and you’ll enter Overdub mode

• To enter Playback mode, press the Tap switch - to stop playback, press Tap again

Exit Overdub Mode/ Stop Playback –

if you’re in Overdub mode and you’d like to stop recording but keep playback going until a specific stop point:

• Record your initial loop as usual, and enter Overdub mode using any of the previously described methods

• With your overdub in progress, when you’re finished overdubbing, press and hold the Tap switch - your loop will be playing back but not recording

• To stop playback, lift your foot off the Tap switch - your loop will stop immediately

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.