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Rattling sound from the Spider Jam
by badraven on 2011-09-26 20:04:26

I have noticed that my amp has a rattle sound when the volume is set to a moderate/high level.  It also happens at much lower levels if I use the crunch  or higher setting.   It sounds just like a tube amp with a bad tube.
My amp is out of warranty.  I initially thought it might be a bad speaker.  Of course I wondered why it would be ripping since I rarely tune the amp up real high.  But in the interest of verifying, I changed the speaker to a Red Coat series Tonker.  The rattle is still there but DAMN this amp has one hell of a full sound now.  I have thought from the beginning that this amp sounds a bit thin.  Not now, this thing sounds like my Carvin X100B.  Talking about sound with body!

Anyway... I decided to tighten all screws etc. that I could access in hopes that it was a jingle I could find.  The sound reminds me of keys jingling or something similar.   Snugged every screw I could find but still got the rattle.

I pulled the head out and snugged all the screws I could find inside, still got the rattle.

Next I am going to hook the speaker wires to an external speaker box to see if the jingling is still there.  If the jingle goes away I will know there is something loose in the case.  If the sound is coming from external, I will know the problem is with the electronics.  In which case I guess I am just screwed.  Gotta tell you, I am really going to be disappointed if there is an electronics problem because I already gave up on my Fender FM212R amp because of electronics problems.  I switched to Line6 because I figured I was moving up.  Hope I was.

Have any of your had a similar rattling issue and if so, did you find a cure?

Thanks for your time.


RE: Rattling sound from the Spider Jam
by Line6Don on 2011-09-30 10:21:15

Hey badraven,

The way in which you described to test this sounds like a good way to try and isolate where the sound could be coming from. If you have already tightened all of the accessible screws the only thing left that could be vibrating is the wood cabinetry of the speaker enclosure.

Try testing as you mentioned, and lest us know your results.

Re: RE: Rattling sound from the Spider Jam
by bryanhaynes on 2011-11-16 10:24:22

ok had the same problem couldnt stop the rattle it was inside the head i took the amp head out and then shook the head  and found that the noise was near the front of the knob ajustment area well took the knobs off and lookd for lose nuts nope no that it was deeper so i took the circuit board out that holds the knobs and it rattles like a tamborine well what i found on it was the insulators that protect the wires for the leds are made cheap and loose and now i wonder how im going to fix this may be with some super gule down each hole but if you want the rattle to stop your going to have to take the head apart i really think line 6 should recall this part or change insulators in the making thay will just get losser and losser and make more noise what happend to the use of good old shrink wrap other than that love the amp and will fix this with glue today it been bothering me long anuff

Re: Rattling sound from the Spider Jam
by bryanhaynes on 2011-11-24 09:01:07

well with a hot glue gun i fixed my rattle by tacking down all 12 of those LEDs insulators and now no more rattle

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