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HD PRO Question - Connecting Multiple HD PROs to 1 FBV Controller?
by DeftoneFL on 2011-10-05 10:42:32

1st post here...I have a rather large rig and am looking to update it with some HD Pro products. However I'm not sure if I can accomplish what I want..your inputs are very welcomed....I want to know if I can connect 2 POD HD PRO units together and have both of them controlled by 1 FBV foot controller.  If anyone has any experience with this..I'm all ears...  Ideally I would like to be able to set parameters on each of the HD PROs and have them controlled by the FBV, but at a minimum, I would be able to accept the HD PROs to be exact mirrors of each other controlled by the FBV...  Thanks in advance for any help you can give..


Re: HD PRO Question - Connecting Multiple HD PROs to 1 FBV Controller?
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-10-05 11:20:31


As things stand at present you cannot split the services of a single FBV foot controller  between two devices directly in any supported way.  It has been done using an FBV Shortboard MkI and a Flextone 3 amp plus a Spider Valve MkI by another Line 6 Expert User (spaceatl) and it worked but there's no guarantee that that method would work with two POD HD Pro units, plus if you attempted it and damage was to occur as a result it would not be supported by Line 6 and you would void your warranty.

If one device were able to act as Master and the others as slaves via MIDI then it would be possible.  With the POD HD Pro and the POD HD500, at the moment with the current firmware, the HD500 and the HD Pro can send MIDI Program Change, Bank Change and CC messages BUT currently incoming MIDI is restricted to only Program Change and Bank Change commands.

I hope that Line 6 are going to increase the MIDI capabilities so that two or more units can be controlled from one FBV connected to a master unit, but there has been no announcement so far that this will happen, so I am speculating.

For now, depending on whether you want to run the HD Pro units in parallel or whether you want to run them in series, you could possibly split things up so that things you need to control such as certain FX (on/off/expression etc...) could be in the first (master) unit and other settings such as amp models which might need less direct control could be held in the slave unit in a series configuration, so effectively you'd have a pair of presets, one in each unit, to make up one combined or 'big' preset.  The 'slave unit would simply change presets when you select a new preset on the master.  You could turn FX and amp models on or off on the master unit and you could apply expression changes using the expression pedal on the master unit.  This could still be quite flexible although I realise not as flexible by a long way as full MIDI implementation would allow.

I can see a lot of benefit in being able to hook up multiple units in the way that I think you envisage, but right now you are somewhat limited in what you can do.


Re: HD PRO Question - Connecting Multiple HD PROs to 1 FBV Controller?
by DeftoneFL on 2011-10-05 13:28:07

Thanks for the insight Nick...unfortunately my search for the "ideal" product continues...   I'm really surprised that out of the numerous manufacturers of outboard effects none manufactures any higher end devices that scale to accomodate multiple amps/devices.  I would have thought someone would have thought up a modular design that could scale accordingly...especially for the pro market...


Re: HD PRO Question - Connecting Multiple HD PROs to 1 FBV Controller?
by spaceatl on 2011-10-05 21:12:27

I think it might work...but it's a little strange...Extremely simple...I do know that the mod has been used with an SV MK1 and POD XT bean also...I have used the mod recording...I haven't ever needed it live...midi is the right way to do it and hopefully Line 6 will fill in the rest of the CCs one day...

anyway, this was a fun little project...

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Re: HD PRO Question - Connecting Multiple HD PROs to 1 FBV Controller?
by DeftoneFL on 2011-10-06 16:39:58


Great post and idea...thanks so much for suggesting!


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