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Pod X3 Pro Recording tone "not authentic"
by Icarusdied on 2011-10-05 17:55:22

Hey line 6. ive been tinkering with my pod x3 for a few months now,and i have absolutley no complaints about the live tone. my pod is very versatile and authentic sounding when pumped through a cab. but recording is a different story. I get a lot of higher frequency fuzziness happening, no matter how my settings/eq are. and the tone is overall very digital sounding. i know that the pod x3s arent renound for there authenticity, but  i was wondering if there is anything i can do to make it sound better. mastering programs, new pups, new recording software or whatnot. thanks yall!

Re: Pod X3 Pro Recording tone "not authentic"
by silverhead on 2011-10-05 18:37:12

When recording, make sure you are using a cab model and switch the Outputs to Studio/Direct mode. If you have been playing through an amp or cab they were probably set to one of the Live modes, or perhaps you had no cab selected, so unless you've switched the output mode and added a cab model I would expect the sound to be less than it can be.

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I forgot to mention that if you are recording directly from the X3 to your computer/DAW over the X3 usb connection you don't have to worry about the output mode - that signal is always sent in Studio/Direct mode.

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