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pod farm dry sound fix
by jackhartley on 2011-10-18 20:31:48.7470


I am just wondering if there is any news on the current problem with the signal not being processed in pod farm and only dry sound coming out.

Is there an update being worked on? When can we expect  the update anytime soon?

My work has been greatly affected by this problem, I've done all i can to follow the suggestions made by the line 6 mods and emplyee's to try fix it but have had no luck. It seems as though a large number of people are experiencing the same thing also.

I really need pod farm to be working again, it is an amazing tool that i use for clients in the studio, my own personal music and for my main source of tone for practicing etc.

any updates on the situation would be greatly appriciated as i need to know if i have to find something in the mean time or find an alternative to pod farm all together.


Re: pod farm dry sound fix
by jackhartley on 2011-10-19 22:17:02.4800


Re: pod farm dry sound fix
by jackhartley on 2011-10-31 03:44:51.5960


Honestly guys, this i is getting very frustrating. We'd all be happy if we all get some kind of word on what's being done about this!

Re: pod farm dry sound fix
by TheRealZap on 2011-10-31 04:04:01.8180

you didn't mark your post as a question... so line6 support was never going to see it, or answer it....

you might try reposting your question and mark it as a question....

sorry you're getting frustrated... and its a minor detail...

but if the post isnt marked as a question they assume its user discussion, and skip it to use the time to answer the post marked as questions.

Re: pod farm dry sound fix
by jackhartley on 2011-10-31 07:17:45.2610

My appologies. I will try again.

Thanks for the response.

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