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Can I use my Pod X3 Live bass patches and bypass the modeling in the Lowdown HD400?
by ericjs on 2011-10-26 22:20:48

I tacked this matter to an already-answered question, but I think I need to make it a question on its own:

I recently bought a Lowdown HD400 bass amp head and a couple of speaker cabs.  I wanted to use my Pod X3 Live (for which I have created lots of bass patches) with my new rig, bypassing the HD400's models (in favor of the way more extensive amps/cabinets/fx in the X3).  I found a post with a similar topic, answered with a suggestion to use the FX Return on the Lowdown LD400 amp to bypass the modeling for use as a "clean power amp."  That was my first thought.  Problem is, my HD400 doesn't seem to have an effects loop, so no FX Return.  It shares the same manual Pilot's Guide) with the LD400, which doesn't appear to have an FX Return either!  So how can that answer be correct?  Please help-- what am I missing here?

Re: RE: Can I use my Pod X3 Live bass patches and bypass the modeling in the Lowdown HD400?
by Kneehow on 2011-10-28 14:19:44

That was not a correct answer that you read... the HD400's indeed do not have an FX Loop circuit in it's design.


The only way to bypass amp modelling is to input via the mp3/CD jack on the back. This would route the input signal directly to the amp's output section and to any connected cabinets.


I personally think you could get great results running the amp as clean as possible and just go in through the front end of the Low Down.


Or, if you're really looking for some sonic depth... why not use both, but separately?


Bass into X3 Live, DI to the PA/FOH. 1/4" output of the X3 Live feeds the Low Down HD400 set to as clean as possible a tone, sans FX. You could even mic one of the cabinets and have the sound engineer blend the two signals... just a thought.


But yes, there is no FX Loop on the HD400.

Re: Can I use my Pod X3 Live bass patches and bypass the modeling in the Lowdown HD400?
by ericjs on 2011-11-02 12:10:23

Thanks!  I found the same potential solutions.  I ruled out using the mp3/CD input.  For some reason it is mute until something is plugged into a front instrument input, and it sounds really strange anyway, no highs, very muddy.  Even plugging an iPod in sounds a bit AM transistor radio-ish.  It's fine for practicing though. 

My band will be using in-ears, and I won't even have a rig onstage in most circumstances.  (That's why I dragged out my Pod X3 Live-- to get the same Line 6 bass amp models in a pedalboard.)  For those gigs where we do need stage volume, I'll stick with sending the sound man the same familiar X3 Live patches via "direct out" signal, and run another "live out" to the amp set on "clean," obviously w/o comp. or effects, just the four EQ knobs tweaked a bit to try for a flat, neutral response.  I just tested it out that way, and wow!  It works great!

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