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Re-amping via USB Pod X3 Pro..Help!
by tae797 on 2011-11-07 14:38:55

I saw a youtube vid of someone that was recording an unprocessed guitar signal for reamping and a procesed signal for monitoring. Once they finished recording they changed some settings for the pod on the computer under sound devices so that instead of the output going trough the speakers it went back into the pod so th they could reamp the dry signal...... only problem is they were using windows 7 and im using a mac with snow leoprd. I cant find the settings in snow lepord to configure the i/o on the pod. Someone please help i know there has to be a simple way that im just overlooking.

Once again, im running a pod x3 pro into a new imac via usb. Im using logic pro to record.


Re: Re-amping via USB Pod X3 Pro..Help!
by silverhead on 2011-11-07 15:12:57

For Pod X3 owners the easiest way to reamp is to use the Pod Farm plugin. Every X3 hardware device includes a licence for Pod Farm Platinum (the original version, not v2). This version of Pod Farm has exactly the same amps and FX as the X3, and the tone files are fully compatible. The only difference is that Pod Farm uses your computer's hardware to produce the sounds, not the X3 hardware.

So for your purposes, rather than try to reroute outputs to the X3, simply activate Pod Farm as a plugin in your DAW and assign it to the dry track.

If you don't have Pod Farm, run Line 6 Monkey with your X3 connected. It will help you download and install Pod Farm original at no cost. The configure your DAW to recognize the installation folder location among its VST folder library. (I'm saying VST - it may be RTAS in the mac world.)

Re: Re-amping via USB Pod X3 Pro..Help!
by tae797 on 2011-11-07 15:31:33

Thanks for the quick reply!! Ive had some problemes licensing pod far after i got the x3. I think the man problem is i had a demo version of 2.5 installed that i didnt uninstal before trying to run line 6 monkey... ill try going through the stps of getting podfarm installed again... but i would really like to kno how to do the reamping through the pod as well!  Any more help on that, or suggestions on getting pod farm installed would be great!! Thanks again!

Re: Re-amping via USB Pod X3 Pro..Help!
by silverhead on 2011-11-07 16:48:56

To reamp using the X3 hardware you will need a seperate audio interface to your DAW, preferably one with multiple inputs and outputs. You route the dry signal track of your DAW to the audio interface, route the audio output of your interface to your X3 inputs, and the X3 outputs to your interface inputs (avoiding feedback - that's where the multiple I/Os come in) and feed those inputs to your new track to record the reamped signal.

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