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M13 Master Effects Excel Sheet
by aaronbrownsound on 2011-11-15 00:11:31

Hey there all you M13 users,

I recently decided to make an excel sheet with a list of all the effects in the M13. I made this so I could rate the effects and dive deeper into the effects I had really never played with.

I thought other people could use this excel sheet to rate the effects on their own or use my opinions as a starting point on what effects to check out. After hearing every effect I am even MORE in love with the M13!

The excel sheet has a column for Effect types, effect name, what it's modeled after, my personal sonic notes, quality IMHO and extra columns for original pedal manual and genre. Most of these are filled out with the exception of the original manuals and genre, but I hope to fill these all out in time!

I hope it helps you all out

See my blog post containing the Excel Sheet.

Itried to upload the .xls file, but it wouldn't let me upload a .xls or a .zip file...

Re: M13 Master Effects Excel Sheet
by bassman60 on 2011-11-20 21:16:48

Thanks for posting that. Nice handy reference.

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