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Spider IV connection problem with FBV
by LeperMessiah0 on 2011-11-18 14:41:14

I recently plugged my amp into my computer through my FBV express MKII to download some tones. Shortly after i had unplugged the pedal from my computer, the control function of the pedal stopped working, and then the amp made crackling noises whenever the pedal was plugged in. I then just disconnected the pedal from the amplifier only to find that no matter what tone i was on, there was an obnoxious buzz, the distortions sounded wierd, and the amp just sounds wierd overall. I called support and the man said to try and reinstall the flash memory for the amp; however, I cannot find the amplifier in my devices. I believe the connection between the Amp and pedal is messed up.

Re: Spider IV connection problem with FBV
by fflbrgst on 2011-11-20 05:35:17

Did Monkey recognize your amp plugged into it before?

Check the CAT5 jacks on the pedal and amp for bent pins, also try another cable.

Did you try a factory reset of the amp (hold the 'A' button in while turning the power on and hold it for 5-8 seconds)?

RE: Spider IV connection problem with FBV
by Line6david on 2011-11-22 09:23:56


+1, the first thing I would try is a different Cat 5 Cable.

If that does not work try a reset on the amp.

If you are still have issues then I would recommend taking both units to a service center to get checked out:



Line 6 Customer Support

RE: Spider IV connection problem with FBV
by Line6Don on 2011-11-28 13:50:10

Hey LeperMessiah0,

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