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FBV MKII randomly stops working
by Death_Squad on 2011-11-23 09:47:35

When I connect my FBV mkii to my spider valve hd100 amp, the screen on my FBV says "FBV SB MkII." It doesnt show my selection that is on my amp's screen. Pressing any buttons doesn't do anything and the only other light that is on when the pedal is connected is the "Tap" flashing light. If I press one of the preset buttons on my amp, then the screen on the FBV will show the setting i selected, and the other lights come on. However, I can't use any of the features on the pedal, the buttons still won't work properly. Sometimes any button presses or pedal movements on the FBV  will work instantly, but then randomly, no more buttons will work, and when it does work those rare times, the change I made on the pedal is sometimes delayed. Such as, if I swtich from a distortion to a clean on my pedal, the change will be delayed several seconds. Sometimes my sound will start to cut out or get weak when my FBV is connected.

Is this a problem with my FBV, my cable, my amp, or any combination?

The amp works fine without the FBV and I only have these problems when my FBV is connected.

Can anyone help me? Thanks!

Re: FBV MKII randomly stops working
by fflbrgst on 2011-11-27 04:49:34

Try a different cable.  Check the jack pins in both the amp and FBV to see if any are bent.

Re: FBV MKII randomly stops working
by Death_Squad on 2011-12-04 08:05:10

I checked the pins and found no issues. What type of cable would I use? Would a standard ethernet cable do the job or is that going to damage my amp/pedal?

Re: FBV MKII randomly stops working
by fflbrgst on 2011-12-04 17:48:55

It's a standard RJ45 ethernet cable.

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