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JTV 59 and POD HD300 drop tuning and hi gain amp models
by barryf70 on 2011-11-29 14:07:08

Hello my issue is  when I use my 59 with my 300 when using drop tuning (usually half step drop d or drop c) with the mesa,engl models of pod it sounds very processed (digital) ,I understand the further you get from standard tuning digitally the more processed it will sound ,but when I use my bc rich drop tuned the same ,the amp models sound great,and when at our rehersal space (the have great amp selection) I use the 59 dropped with the alt knob, staight in both a jcm2000 and a actutual dual rec it sounds great to ,so I am wondering if this just the combination of the drop tuning and the high gains of the amp models,has anyone else noticed this,and is it just something I will have to get used to? I do not notice it with any of the other amp models,just the high gains and to be fair in the full band setting it is not as noticable ,but as a player ,I wonder if its just me really focusing on it,and not being able NOT to hear it (like when you notice a buzz on a fret of your guitar but someone else will play it and may not ) anyway I'm a bit of a newbie and any thoughts would be appreciated.

Re: JTV 59 and POD HD300 drop tuning and hi gain amp models
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-11-30 01:40:17


you are right in that when you detune by a pitch shifting process, the further you venture from the real note, it can tend to sound more processed.   I guess you may be experiencing some digital 'warble'?  Accurate tuning and a clean signal is important as the digital processor can only try and best interpret what it 'hears' when it needs to artificially process the pitch.  Any additional noise such as buzzing caused by too low an action can add some confusion to what the DSP is hearing and if the guitar isn't accurately tuned and intonated there may be a tendency for the DSP to have to make choices about what initial pitches it's hearing which may lead to some warble.

You may need to look a little at your playing technique too.  The cleaner you play, the better chance you are going to give to your Variax's DSP to do its job.   When playing a normal guitar in a high gain environment it is easy to become used to not having to play as cleanly as you might, and whilst you shouldn't really need to modify your playing style much - if at all - it does pay to bear in mind that clean picking and fretting will help.

In terms of latency when playing an artificially detuned setting, there is bound to be some latency, but it shouldn't really be noticeable.

If you have not yet updated your guitar to the latest flash memory version, you may even be running version 1.60 which didn't sound great to my ears i have to say.  The latest version is version 1.71 and I feel that this version and its predecessor improved the overall sound from the JTV-59's models.

And finally..... yes I get what you are saying about becoming too focused on one aspect of your own sound.  You may notice and amplify in your own mind some minor aspect which others won't notice at all.  It is off-putting when this occurs I agree, but I think by updating the flash memory as necessary and taking a look at your picking and fretting techniques you may be able to at least partially address some of what you are experiencing .


Re: JTV 59 and POD HD300 drop tuning and hi gain amp models
by barryf70 on 2011-12-02 05:22:55

Hey Thank you Nick,I will run monkey to make sure I am up to date ,I do think maybe I focus a bit on that aspect,as I only use drop tunings and heavy dist. for a few songs we do ,I think perhaps if I had first used it in the full band setting and not at home with headphones ,I would not have harped on it as much,but LOVE the 59 and just had never ran into this with my M13 for effects,but I havent had hd very long I will make sure all gear's up to date!and thanks again for the tips!!

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