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Acoustic Variax 700 and Workbench
by joerath on 2011-12-08 12:11:13


I've heard, and have read here that Workbench can be used to create custom patches for the Acoustic Variax 700, and then store them at any of the 16 instrument patches on the guitar. For instance: Let's say I only really like the Dreadnaught patch, and I wish to make that the one instrument for all the dial positions, and then have each of those patches have a different tuning. I've heard that's entirely possible to do with Workbench.

Can anyone out there confirm this with me and, if you can, give me some pointers as to how that's done?

Thank you,


Re: Acoustic Variax 700 and Workbench
by silverhead on 2011-12-08 12:53:59

Yes, entirely possible.

Here's a good resource for working with Workbench. There's one tutorial that deals specifically with alternate tunings.


...and here's info on how to cusomize your Vax700 models..


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