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by dcmor on 2011-12-08 21:00:29


I have a combo AX2 212 LINE 6 (TUBE TONE)....I have not used it in a long time ( or really used it at all).  Plugged it in last week and ran into a few issues....

No# 1: lots of static from volume/switches on amp when I turn them in any direction (my solution: bought a contact and head cleaner and sprayed them more static...seems to be ok) guessing that dusk etc....was the issue.

No# 2: floorboard was not allowing me to bank up (same as above, hit it with contact cleaner and now I can bank up)

No#3: Now my problem is, when i select a preset on the floorboard (or manually on the the amp) the sound is cracking terrible like a shitty guitar jack sound (yes, tried 2 different brand new cables on 2 differnt's not the cable or guitar). Volume drops, and the floor board indicator goes from the selected preset i.e. P28 to E28... and if I switch to another channel, it seems to work for a minute and then goes from ie P14 to E14.

Friggin shame, bought this amp about 5 years ago as a friend spoke highly of it, but never really got around to playing with it..... now i am starting to see the potential of this rig and am starting to experiment with it...and it shuts me down right out of the gates...lunchbox letdown!

Did i damage something by using the head cleaner??? is is because the amp has been sitting there not used for 5 years that it does not work ( hope not, all my other gear works and has been sitting there longer then that ).

at a loss????

any thoughts or feedback would be great



p.s. i have just done another soft and hard reset on the amp, just to make sure...indicator goes from P "whatever number" to E "same number as P" within seconds, but before it changes, the sound is still "shitty guitar jack" sound....cracking, breaking up etc...

Re: help
by Line6Don on 2011-12-13 17:58:20

Hey dcmor,

Sounds like there could be a problem with the input jack itself or a problem with a sound processing component if you are receiving a crackling sound when changing presets. If you made sure to try different guitars and different cables, then it could possibly be the input jack creating the crackling. As you mention though the sound is triggered by a preset change, which is controlled by the main circuit board. To correct a problem like this, a Line 6 service center would need to see if they can repair or replace the part for you. You can locate a Line 6 Service Center in your area at the link below:


Thisis one our very first amps, so keep in mind parts could be hard to come by for this amp. Give a call to service center and see if they can assess the amp to find the culprit.

Re: help
by dcmor on 2012-01-12 16:08:46


got my amp fixed, the problem was an intermittent ribbon cable.....

all good.



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