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4CM on a PODHD 400 with an Egnater Renegade combo..HELP!
by district13 on 2011-12-22 05:53:55

Hey all, im really looking to utilize the PODHD400 in my live rig.  I have been reading alot on the 4CM but it seems like alot of the info is related to the 500 which is quite different regarding FX routing and so on.  Can someone tell me the best way to setup my 400 using the 4CM with my Egnater Renegade combo.  I know its alot but if you can give me exact settings/and instruction on how to properly set this looking to use the Treadplate or F-ball amp model, the screamer and some reverb and flanger form the POD.  I  know i can run the POD to the FX return but im hearing how much better the 4CM is and i was wondering if i can use both my amps preamp along with and amp model from the POD...take me through step by step please!!!!!!!!!

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