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Heil talk box with HD500
by ryanh92 on 2011-12-27 06:25:28

Is it possible to hook up a heil talk box to my HD500 and completely bypass my cabinet? I've been using XLR for live shows and not using an amp at all but I'm in a situation now where I will need the talkbox and now I'm wondering whether I will have to use an amp or not. If it is possible to run through the HD500 without an amp and if so, how would I set it up? Thanks.

Re: Heil talk box with HD500
by BigChas52 on 2011-12-27 06:53:17

I would think that you still would need an amp.  The talk box works by having the amp's power amp section drive the speaker horn in the talk box.  The HD500 is really just a pre-amp.and cannot drive a speaker.

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