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Variax 500 and POD HDPro
by PerS on 2011-12-29 08:49:33


I have put together my new POD HD Pro and my old Variax 500 through the Variax interface port on the backside. This works fine - I can play through the Pro and it is recogized in Monkey. Can change guitar model both from Edit and from my Variax and it's visible in Edit. All softwares are updated to the latest version. Problem is that Workbench does not find my Variax... Strange...

Have tried to find if WB is supported through Pod Pro Variax interface, but can't find anything that say it's not. Have attached a screen shot from WB and Monkey. Hope it helps.

Any ideas?


Re: Variax 500 and POD HDPro
by silverhead on 2011-12-29 08:52:03

Here's the info......


Re: Variax 500 and POD HDPro
by PerS on 2011-12-29 11:44:49

Ahh, Hadn't seen that. Thanks for a quick reply... and before is started to reinstall it all again ;-))


Re: Variax 500 and POD HDPro
by Line6Don on 2012-01-04 11:12:48

As I posted in reply to the thread that silverhead linked you to:

"This issue is a bug and has been forwarded to our software team, look for a update in the future to address this problem. It will be available from:

Inthe mean time, I would suggest that you use the included workbench interface to connect your variax to the computer to work with Variax Workbench."

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.