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HD500 w/ Johnson Millennium 250
by ryanh92 on 2011-12-29 09:16:13

i've been messing around with different hookups for this amp but i can't seem to get the best tone out of it no matter which method i do. does anyone have any experience with this amp? or maybe some suggestions as to what would be the best way to running the pedal through it?

Re: HD500 w/ Johnson Millennium 250
by Line6Don on 2012-01-04 11:03:28

Since this question can be answered in many ways and has no single, definite answer, we will mark this question answered

I do not have any experience with this amp, but after checking out the manual, it does have a effects loop. Typically the POD's sound best when connected directly to the effects return of the amp, in essence bypassing the front end of the amp and only using the amp's built in power amp.

To do so:

connect guitar > Guitar In on POD HD500

connect Left mono output of POD HD00 > effects return of the amp

Set the POD HD500 to the stack power amp output mode as well.

If you need help understanding output modes, we have a video tutorial about POD HD500 output modes at the link below:


Re: HD500 w/ Johnson Millennium 250
by izaquire on 2012-02-05 09:35:31

I LOVE the Johnson Millenniums. I just bought a jm150 combo last night. I am going to experiment this week hooking my hd500 to it in different ways. Although I probably wouldn't use the setup live, it will be fun to see how it sounds through the v30's.

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