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POD HD Pro - Metal patch and video with Ola!
by magpie on 2011-12-29 09:59:44

Always good playing, good sound and fun videos from Ola.

youtube video info:

Click here to download the "Ola handjob patch" : (right click to save)

All you hear is two track (panned left/right) of the patch above. Nothing added post. The lead is the same patch with more mids and more gain.

Thanks to Anders Hansson from Monoscream for letting me borrow the Pod.

Signal chain: Strictly 7 Guitars Solar7 with Seymour Duncan Distortion pickups - Line 6 Pod HD Pro - Logic 9

Re: POD HD Pro - Metal patch and video with Ola!
by meambobbo on 2011-12-30 20:14:10

I dl'ed Ola's patch.  I'm not a fan of the XXL cab.  I tried to make a comparable patch using the dual Treaplate cab setup with SM 57 on axis and 4038 Ribbon mics.  There's something about the XXL cab + the 409 Dynamic mic I couldn't get in the midrange, but I like the highs better on my patch.  Check it out if you like:


I'mgoing to give it another try in a bit using the '87 Condensor instead of 4038 Ribbon - I think I could get it closer to Ola's tone that way.

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