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Safe Mode can't restart my Pod X3?
by bushinarin on 2012-01-05 00:32:00

Hi there everybody, I've been pretty faithful to Line 6 for a while now, and I've owned a Pod X3 for nearly four years!  I got my pod X3 bean in April of 2008, and have never seen any problems.  Occasionally I'd get a black screen, and I'd boot up in safe mode, but today when I went to do so, my Pod failed to respond. 

I have never played live with this Pod, and I've never dropped it or abused it in any way.  All of my normal connections were made, but something just decided to bust today I suppose.  I was in the middle of recording too...

I am not sure whether or not my Pod is covered under warranty or not at this point, but I would like to know if it is (it has been treated like a prince), and I would like to know if there is any way other than safe mode to repair my Pod X3.

If my Pod is not covered under warranty, and there is no quick fix, how much would it cost to repair, because I know I cannot afford the $300 required to purchase a new one.

If it helps I made my purchase through Guitar Center, live in America, and I have already checked to see if my contrast was turned way up.  I also am aware of where my nearest service center is, but I have never has to use it before. 

Thank you so much in advance folks, I'm really quite nervous.

Re: Safe Mode can't restart my Pod X3?
by silverhead on 2012-01-05 11:45:08

At nearly 4 yrs old your Pod X3 is no longer under warranty.

Problems of this sort are sometimes due to a failed power aupply. If possible, try a new power supply:

You might be able to take your Pod in to a local Line 6 dealer and try one on-site before buying it.

Does your Pod come to life sufficiently for Line 6 Monkey to recognize it? If so you could try reinstalling the latest firmware.

If neither of those suggestion work  I'm afraid you will need to take your Pod X3 in for servicing.

Re: Safe Mode can't restart my Pod X3?
by bushinarin on 2012-01-05 12:24:59

I can try to use a new power supply, but I'm not sure if that will fix my problem.  In any case, Line 6 Monkey does not recognize it as being connected.  I will go and try to get a new power supply.  I just called a Line 6 dealer and they quoted me at $200 to fix it.  That's a little bit steeper than I was hoping. 

In any case, thank you for your answer Silverhead.

Re: Safe Mode can't restart my Pod X3?
by Line6Hugo on 2012-01-11 17:53:04

Is the problem that it will not power on at all?  If so, a the power supply may be bad, if not, it would need to be repaired at a service center.



Re: Safe Mode can't restart my Pod X3?
by Line6david on 2012-01-19 17:19:12

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