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POD Farm compatible hardware
by jamesalexcroy on 2012-01-05 22:41:06


I've been producing some tunes at home for a friend, running all the guitars through POD Farm. We want to make like Bill O'Reilly and 'do it live', so what I'm looking for is either Line 6 hardware that can take the patches I've created (there are many) - preferrably with the same sounds/algorithms as the POD Farm software itself...OR, any other hardware that can take VST/RTAS plugins, such as the V-Machine. The Muse Receptor looks amazing but it costs a fortune.

From what I've researched I can see that the PODxt and the POD X3 can take the POD Farm patches...but are the sounds the same? Apparently the HD units can't, or if they do the engine is different in them and so it could all sound a lot different.

Basically, I appreciate how good the HD units might sound, but I'm not interested in 'approximating' the sounds that we have agonised over, or having them sound completely different because the gear I've used in the patches have different sounds in the HD units.

Given that it's him and I on guitar, my guess is that the POD X3 rack system with the 2 instrument inputs would be perfect, then we'll just need some midi floor controllers. Or, I could find a couple of second hand POD XT Live systems, and kill two birds with one stone.

Any help would be muchly appreciated!



Re: POD Farm compatible hardware
by arislaf on 2012-01-06 00:05:29

Try the X3, a lot of amps and preamps are not exist at the XT, and the dual tone will recreate your dual tones greatly.

The HD unit is really great, but you will not be able to recreate your tones exactly.It will be aproximately the same sound, but with lot of High quality.

Re: POD Farm compatible hardware
by Line6Don on 2012-01-12 14:26:43

+1 to arislaf.

THe POD X3 Pro sounds like a good choice for what you are trying to do. The POD HD series will require you to do some adjustments as the models have changed.

The only problem I can see is that the POD X3 Hardware patch editor known as "GearBox" does not support opening POD Farm tone files, so you would have to manually create patches that use the exact same settings within the GearBox application and save them to the POD X3 hardware.

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