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Help with Pod HD 500 S/PDIF connection
by WarZarD on 2012-01-07 06:01:18

Hello fellow Line 6 enthusiasts!

I recently purchased a Line 6 Pod HD 500 -- and while the phone out connection has served me well, I find myself wanting to get a better signal in form of the digital S/PDIF out available on the device.

Right to it:

I bought a RCA to 3.5 MM cable, thinking this was all I needed to go from the S/PDIF on the HD 500 to my computer's sound card (the "line in" input), but all I get is a very quiet humming. Now, I should point out -- it is NOT the same humming as from a ground loop -- it just sounds like static.

Could someone point me in the right direction here? What do I need to do to connect the HD 500 to a computer sound card through the S/PDIF output?

Many thanks,


Re: Help with Pod HD 500 S/PDIF connection
by PaulJam on 2012-01-07 06:21:37


the 3,5 mm line in jack on the sound card expects an analog signal, but the S/PDIF signal is digital. In order to use the HD500's S/PDIF you need a digital input (coaxial) on your soundcard.

Re: Help with Pod HD 500 S/PDIF connection
by WarZarD on 2012-01-07 06:33:33

Thank you. I suspected that was the issue, but I needed someone to confirm before I go ahead and order something that would suffice.

So, a follow-up question:

If I have a sound card that accepts a digital optical input, could I get something like this

andmake it work? Or is it better to just buy another sound card with the coaxial input? If so could you point me to one? I'm not really sure how they would look, as I've seen both analog and digital RCA thrown both left and right in specifications...

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