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Click/pop recurring noise on Spider II
by pmaillot on 2012-01-10 07:45:56


My Line 6 SpiderII 150 is making a funny (well... not so) noise. All volumes to 0, no input (it's even worse with a guitar plugged in. Please check the attached audio file, for example at 18s, 23s and 29s.

Anyone has an idea? It seems to be linked or implying ONLY the power (dual TDA7193) stage (taking the output from the headphones does not produce the same noise/problem).

Thanks for your help; please copy in your answer; I am not too often on the forum.


Re: Click/pop recurring noise on Spider II
by Line6Don on 2012-01-17 16:55:38

If you are able to get normal or at least partial output from the headphone output, the problem is most likely related to the power amp section of the amp.

In this situation you will need to have a Line 6 Service Center assess and repair the amp for you. To locate one in your area, follow the link below:">">

Re: Click/pop recurring noise on Spider II
by pmaillot on 2012-01-28 03:42:30


Nove having a line6 repair center near enough, I didn't have too many options.

I thought this could be just a bad solder (happens quite often in electronics).

I eventually decided to take the amp apart (that's only six screws) and I reheated all solder bumps (adding a little solder sometimes) on the power board and the electrochemical capacitors (throughboard) of the preamp/effect board.

Took me overall 1/2h and everything is now working fine after re-assembling the amp! No hiss buildup and no cracking/pop noises anymore :-) .

I'm not saying everyone should or can open their amp and get  to reapair it.But in my case, one of the solders was obviously weak and the resulting bad connection was creating the problem.

Hope this helps,


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