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Please I need one support ticket!
by dresiosue on 2012-01-15 21:47:38

Hi, I have a POD HD 300 brand new and not working after updating the firmware, I'm from Venezuela but I buy the pod in Guitarcenter Miami 15 days ago. I need a support ticket for help! please!.

Re: Please I need one support ticket!
by jimsreynolds on 2012-01-16 00:57:41

If you want Line 6 to see this request,. please post again and this time make it a 'Question'.  Line 6 only respond to 'Question's.

There is a known problem with the latest software for the HD300.  You might want to try fixing it yourself like this:

First you will need to grab a copy of Line 6 Monkey version 1.43,.  The current version as of now (1.50) will install the problematic drivers.  From this site: on the menu above select 'Support' then 'Software Downloads'

You will be asked which software you want.  Select

     Product = Line 6 Monkey

     OS = Whatever you are using

Click 'Go'

Scroll down the list of displayed software unitil you see 'Line 6 Monkey 1.43' and click 'download now' to download it. 

Install and Run Monkey.  If it prompts you to upgrade itself:  answer 'No' as this would defeat the object/.

Run einstall the the Line 6 Drivers using Monkey 1.43.   The drivers you install may be older than the ones that you current ones - this is OK.

Now do the flash upgrade in 'safe mode': 

  • Disconnect the USB and power. 
  • Hold down the 'down' key on the directional keypad while you power up the unit. 
  • Connect the USB and try installing the Flash upgrade.

Does this help?

Re: Please I need one support ticket!
by dresiosue on 2012-01-16 11:20:06

Ok, well my english is very bad so I will try to explain my problem. When I arrive to Venezuela and connect the pod to my computer for update, later these buttoms stop working (MODE, TAP, A, B, C, D, and the directional keypad) so I can't do a factory reset or turn on in safe mode because of this and now my computer don't recognize my pod hd 300 anymore, I've tryed everything (uninstall and reinstall everything in 5 diferents computers with windows, mac and even linux and with diferents usb cables and ports) and nothing recognizes the pod anymore. When I turn on the pod this working good with the exception of the buttoms MODE, TAP, A, B, C, D, and the directional keypad and somethimes the pod get stuck. Another thing that surprises me is that when I turn the pod ON, appears on the screen "Pod HD 400 v 1.31". But my pod is HD300 and not hd400. So please help me :S

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