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Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by dresiosue on 2012-01-16 16:59:44

Hi, I have a POD HD 300 brand new and not working after updating the firmware, I'm from Venezuela but I buy the pod in Guitarcenter Miami 15 days ago. I need a support ticket for help! please!.

Ok, well my english is very bad so I will try to explain my problem. When I arrive to Venezuela and connect the pod to my computer for update, later these buttoms stop working (MODE, TAP, A, B, C, D, and the directional keypad) so I can't do a factory reset or turn on in safe mode because of this and now my computer don't recognize my pod hd 300 anymore, I've tryed everything (uninstall and reinstall everything in 5 diferents computers with windows, mac and even linux and with diferents usb cables and ports) and nothing recognizes the pod anymore. When I turn on the pod this working good with the exception of the buttoms MODE, TAP, A, B, C, D, and the directional keypad and somethimes the pod get stuck. Another thing that surprises me is that when I turn the pod ON, appears on the screen "Pod HD 400 v 1.31". But my pod is HD300 and not hd400. So please help me :S

Re: Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by dresiosue on 2012-01-17 16:54:25


Re: Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by jimsreynolds on 2012-01-17 17:06:00

OK, first thing:  make sure that you download version 1.43 of the Line 6 Monkey software:  there is a known bug with the latest version 1.50,

From this web site: on the menu above, select 'Support' then 'Software Downloads'

You will be asked which software you want.  Select

     Product = Line 6 Monkey

     OS = Whatever you are using

Click 'Go'

Scroll down the list of displayed software unitil you see 'Line 6 Monkey 1.43' and click 'download now' to download it. 

Install and Run Monkey.  If it prompts you to upgrade itself:  answer 'No'/.

Reinstall the the Line 6 Drivers using Monkey 1.43.   The drivers you install may be older than the ones that your current ones - this is OK.

Now try upgrading your HD300 to firmware 1.31. Make sure that Monkey detects an HD300 - not an HD400 !!!

Let us know if this helps.

Re: Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by dresiosue on 2012-01-18 15:06:47


Re: Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by laplayantonio on 2012-01-19 02:47:29


I have answered to you already 4 times:

you need sending your HD300 to a Line6 Service Center for repair: back to the US dealer you bought it from, if you wish using your warranty


contact your local  Line6 Service Center in Venezuela, but you will be charged for the repair:


Re: Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by dresiosue on 2012-01-19 09:38:26

The pod is brand new and I have not even used for the first time and now I have to take it to a service center and be charged for the repair? :S

Re: Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by laplayantonio on 2012-01-20 01:23:05

please have it sent to the dealer where you bought it from to use the warranty

for this reason, Line6 advises always purchasing Line6 gear from the local dealers in your country

Re: Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by psilo777 on 2012-08-20 16:14:35

Tried everything, reboot, remove all USB-cables, unistall all line 6 devices (repeated 8 hrs) didnt help

System is Vista SP2 so i installed windows 7 same problem, so i tried (Vista SP2) laptop didnt work.

Help please i should go to studio should sell this POD HD300 crap(?) and buy Boss as my bandmate has it and no probs with Boss.

Theres still almost 2 year warranty left if i sell this maybe someone buys this and ill buy Boss

Please fix these bugs im very dissapointed for this unfinished product.

All other line 6 devices had worked with no probs (KB37, POD UX1 which i sold and bought this crap POD HD300)

Re: Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-20 16:44:01

you haven't tried everything... have you called line6?

if you've tried multiple computers then you might have a bad unit... with 2 year warranty left i suggest you take advantage of it.

I've had my hd300 for a couple of years now and i don't have this issue... so it's nothing to do with any unfinished product.

Re: Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by psilo777 on 2012-08-29 08:33:14

line 6 didnt reply. updates etc dindt work and as theres lots of probs with line 6 POD HD300 (according to user reviews) i decided to sell it and buy maybe digitech or some other more reliable guitar fx . no pun indended but POD HD300 has lots of useless factory presets, and playing live caused probs as one of pedals put rec on instead of other sound. all other line6 products i have have worked well but not this one.

i have 27 years of exprience playing live working in studio think i know pretty much which unit works, is relible and so on. i still think POD was sold as unfinished product why else thre was 50% bias update ?

+ cant restore to factory defaults as press and hold toe switch dont work another reason to get rid of this unit.

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Re: Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by TheRealZap on 2012-08-29 12:05:55

psilo777 wrote:

i have 27 years of exprience

I know that the captain of the titanic had some experience too....

good luck with whatever is going to work for you....

but your generalizations of HD300 issues simply aren't true...

sure some users have had some issues...

but many more, have been happily playing their hd300 unaware of your issues.

Re: Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by psilo777 on 2012-09-04 08:14:25

I disagree.

Google user reviews there lots of probs with POD HD units fex toe switch prob .

Im still using line 6 products (POD UX1) , it works like charm and for guitar effect i bought Boss which is more reliable than POD-HD units .

I know your trying to tell customers POD HD300 has no probs as you sell line6 units which i understand as you are line6 emplyee.

Like said, check user reviews instead of line6 hype.

Re: Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by TheRealZap on 2012-09-04 08:47:54

of course you disagree....

but some more corrections to add to the list:

you're wrong.

i'm not a line6 employee

it makes no difference to me how many units sell.

i see user reviews and hang out in this forum often enough to know what i'm talking about...

you're talking about your experience with one hd300 unit... and the negative crap you researched in the contect of your personal experience...

i'm using the experience of every user who bothered to come here and post about their experience....

trust me when i say people bring their negative stuff here far more than their positive stuff...

and the hd300 does not have a reputation of having issues... just yours did.

the only problem with the toe switch is it's harder to push than most users expect...

not really a problem... just the way it works.. some like it some don't...

the toe switch gets easier over time

Re: Need a support ticket! pod hd300
by bclarke675 on 2012-09-04 10:09:24

+1 to TheRealZap

My HD300 has been flawless, and I've had it for over a year.  The toe pedal switch worked hard at first, but is fine now.  Never had any issues with firmware updates and have done two since purchasing.  No issues with any thing on the unit.  Small issue with HD300 Edit until latest update with deep editing controls for the amp models.  Other than that, no issues.  Haven't seen many complaints from others, and I scan this board daily.

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