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Is The Spider IV FBV Latency/Lag problem going to ever get fixed...ever?
by rscriz84 on 2012-01-20 22:17:06

Just wondering if this is ever going to get fixed. I see so many posts about it...and i know that the amp can be updated through the website's program but is the latency issue when switching channels with the shortboard something that can be updated? Because I know I didn't just go out and spend 700 bucks to have an amp and fbv shortboard with a major flaw like latency issues. I understand that the amp has tons of features and is very complex...but there should be no flaws about an amp that is clearly the 4th model in the series. It should have everything that the old amps have...but better...and that goes for how it interacts with the fbv shortboard. And I know that people can submit feedback about issues...but that's not good enough because I know line 6 has been posting to users to leave feedback since 2010 when dealing with people experiencing the same issues as me. This means they didn't fix the problem. So I don't wanna even bother with posting user feedback about features I want in the future....because I just spent 700 dollars and I'm a lot more focused "in the now".. So I don't really care about what features are on amps in the future because what I care about is the purchase "I just made". The purchase I waited on all christmas.....the purchase I saved up all my money on.....the purchase that was suppose to help make it so I can go back out and play shows again and have it go just as smoothly as it did when I had a Line 6 Spider 2. Am I to believe that the Line 6 Spider 2 is a smoother amp for shows than the Line 6 Spider IV? I mean...this is upsetting stuff. Had I even known that this was an issue...I would have bought any other amp...and then a multi effects pedal without latency issues and lag problems. I chose Line 6 because I was a huge fan of the Spider 2. I figured the Spider IV could do no wrong... but this isn't cool guys. Is there anything update wise that's actually going to fix this problem? Be honest with me. What should I do here?

Re: Is The Spider IV FBV Latency/Lag problem going to ever get fixed...ever?
by fflbrgst on 2012-01-21 11:03:57

I have no latency issues with the Spider IV 75 and an FBV MkII Express but reading the posts, I guess the lag is when you switch BANKS, not channels, right?  If so, you need to set the 4 channels in one bank for any particular song.  If you need more tones than 4 for a song, you'll have to figure at what point in the song you have a pause/silence when you can switch banks.

Re: Is The Spider IV FBV Latency/Lag problem going to ever get fixed...ever?
by rscriz84 on 2012-01-21 21:38:16

There's definitely channel switching latency. It's a topic for a lot of people on the line 6 forums. One guy of line 6 posted that it was just "the nature of the amp"...and told the guy to simply "leave feedback" so that line 6 could make improvements in the future. It's not just bank switching. It's definitely channel switching. It's not the biggest lag in the whole world but in comparison to the spider's a crappy lag and it sucks live. I now have to definitely go out and get a distortion pedal just so the new amp runs smoothly as the old spider. I mean...i don't mind this too much...but I just spent 700 dollars already. I recorded a whole cd using the spider 2...and was playing shows with the spider 2 till it crapped out. Then I thought "Well...i'll get the spider 4...and things will be great".... but there's latency issues. And even if, say it were only bank switching instead of channel switching.....then at least the line 6 spider 2 150 watt combo had no problem switching with the shortboard. I don't know. If you searching " spider iv lag " ... or "latency" ,  you'll definitely notice what i'm talking about. And people suggest doing updates and stuff...but people are still complaining that the updates are not changing the latency issues. I just want the problem to be admitted to and fix. Line 6 should just say what it is that they know they should say which is   "Sorry...we screwed up. We'll have an update for that shortly" . If they can't do that... then ... I don't know... at least let it be known. ....and if they can't do that...then they should make the Spider 2 available still and maybe keep those coming off the assembly line because the spider 2...even though it's not packed with a lot of features.... is a great live amp.

Re: Is The Spider IV FBV Latency/Lag problem going to ever get fixed...ever?
by Line6Don on 2012-02-01 12:03:02

I just tested a Spider IV 75 updated to flash memory 2.0 using a FBV Express MKII to see if I experienced any latency when switching channels. I did not experience any latency when switching presets, nor did I experience a drop in signal when the presets changed.

Make sure you have updated the amp to latest flash memory using the instructions at the link below:


Ifyou are still experiencing latency, submit your feedback to our developers using the product feedback form at the link below:

Re: Is The Spider IV FBV Latency/Lag problem going to ever get fixed...ever?
by Line6david on 2012-02-06 16:55:23

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