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Can't Load or Play tracks GuitarPort Online
by billyscho on 2012-01-31 08:10:38


I've had my Line6 Guitarport since May of 2011, and it worked great all of last year.  I took a break from it somewhere in December, and just came back a few days ago and it won't play or load any tracks.

I get the following error dialog:

"Cannot load track file, Your GuitarPort Online Subscription is not active.  You may be having trouble accessing GuitarPort Online Files if you have not connected to the sevice in 30 days.  If so, please try connecting to GuitarPort online - by launching Gearbox and clicking on the GUITARPORT ONLINE tab - before reloading the track file.  Also, please ensure your clock on your computer is set to the right date and time.  If it isn't, unplug your Line 6 USB device after fixing it then plug it back in."

I can connect to guitarport online through gear box.  I can preview tracks. I can hear my guitar through the amp.  I just can't load any tracks, and get the same error above.

I've done everything asked.  I've made sure all my software is up to date and compatible.  I've gone online to make sure my subscription is current and paid for.  All of my devices are authorized and recognized.  The only thing that's off (other than getting that error), is the "Last Connected" field on the GuitarPort Online Account Summary Page... it says:

ast Connected  January 31, 2012

NOTE: You haven't connected in a while, you may experience issues playing tracks through GearBox.  Please run GearBox to resolve the issue.

Well I've run GearBox eight ways to sunday, I've unistalled it, reinstalled it, restarted, unhooked USB, rehooked USB.... I've spent about 6 hours trying to resolve to no avail.  The worst part is the fact that I can't talk to anyone.  There is no active support option available.  I'm hopeful there is some kind soul in these forums who can help.

Re: Can't Load or Play tracks GuitarPort Online
by onecamaro1 on 2012-04-21 10:11:21

Having the exact same issue. Not resolved for me either.

Re: Can't Load or Play tracks GuitarPort Online
by cimtek on 2013-03-22 18:28:07

Same here ... Can't use it anymore at all.

Re: Can't Load or Play tracks GuitarPort Online
by gordonbarr on 2013-03-23 08:31:07

It appears that due to others doing the same and taking away some Guitarport business, Guitar port is no longer. I have the same problem. They have made it so that you can not even use the files you downloaded.

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