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Surprised at the deception, happy with the device
by frankroach on 2012-02-06 11:25:35

I just got my Mobile In on the weekend and I am quite happy with it but I have to say I am shocked at Line 6, their packaging and their marketing. Right on the back it says 24bit/96kHz support! I knew going into buying the device that iOS only support 16bit/48kHz core audio devices and had no expectations otherwise(similar devices like the WireWorks device state this) but I feel bad for any kid or musician out there that gets tricked by this. While it may be true that the device has a 24bit DAC, it can not be used unless Apple updates iOS to allow its full potential. Now look at the back of the package and tell me that is not a deceiving statement. Its a bold faced lie in a bold font. Another thing I loved about the packaging was that I had to "agree" to the EULA before I could read the EULA. You see there is a sticker sealing the bag to the EULA stating this. This seems so rushed and poorly thought through it now doesn't surprise me that one of the largest music retailers in Canada doesn't stock it or have plans to in my province or the two next to mine (I had to get mine in FL).

In the end I have "Pod Farm Lite" on my iPad and that is pretty cool. I know its limitations, I am happy with the device, and am OK with the application(needs recording/multitasking/presets other than washed up acts from 10 years ago) I can only hope other people know what they are getting into with this. The main purpose of me buying this was the line-in input to easily record the jam room mixer without needing my laptop and in that respect its a win. Maybe I need to pay $150 for a Sonoma Wire Works GuitarJack for the privilege of not being lied to.

End rant.

Re: Surprised at the deception, happy with the device
by RobLewis on 2012-02-10 18:22:38

As I noted in another post, many things about the device seem rushed and not very well thought out.

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