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Can I use my POD XT Live as a foot controller for my POD HD Pro?
by sparda716 on 2012-02-10 22:21:13

I just got my POD HD Pro and I absolutely love it and a friend of mine happen to give me a POD XT Live they didn't want and I was wondering if I could hook it up as some sort of midi foot pedal controller thing (you get what I'm saying). I just want to be able to assign patches to the stomp buttons and have the pedal work towards wah/volume/etc. whatever the patch has on it.

Sorry if this is a blatently obvious question, I'm a bit new to the Line 6 family.

Let me know if you know though!  \m/

Re: Can I use my POD XT Live as a foot controller for my POD HD Pro?
by jimsreynolds on 2012-02-11 03:08:40

The XT Live can operate as  a simple MIDI controller.  Not 100% sure you can use the expression pedal but I think you probably can.  Make sure you are using 1.40 of the firmware on the HD Pro as that has the Midi CC support that you will need.

Details of the MIDI capabilityon the XT can be found here in the -


Thereis additional supporting information in the XT Live manual here


ThePOD HD Manual has details of the MIDI CC setup so grab a copy of that also (cant get to the site right now for some silly reason to give you a link).

As a starting point:  I would try hooking up Midi Out on the XT to Midi In on the HD and making sure that they are both communicating on Midi Channel 1.   Chances are that Program Change messages get sent out automatcially by the XT and that is half your battle sorted.

Re: Can I use my POD XT Live as a foot controller for my POD HD Pro?
by Line6Hugo on 2012-04-05 16:32:53

As you cannot program the PODxt Live to send out specific MIDI CC's called out in the POD HD Pro Advanced Guide, you will not be able to successfully control the parameters of the HD Pro with the xt Live.



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