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Cocteau Twins/Banshee Guitar Sounds
by finchmark on 2012-02-11 03:59:16

Does anyone have any suggestions how to achieve that squelchy, distorted but not overdriven, trebelly but not tinny sound that people like Robin Guthrie, John McGeoch, Robert Smith etc used to get.

I'm guessing there was some pretty expensive studio processing going on with the likes of the Cocteau Twins etc but I'm on a very tight budget and just want to get as close as I can with my very basic (generic!)set up of a Fender Jaguar, Digitech EX-7, Boss ME70, Line 6 M13, Line 6 EX-1,Boss EH-2 Enhancer, Tech 21 Trademark 60 amp, E-Bow, Slide etc.

I know Pobin Guthrie also used open G tuning a lot but its the 'squelchyness' of that sound that I just cant figure out how to achieve???

Also, is it possible to get a good detune effect (for above) with the M13? If so how?

Many thanks in advance...

Re: Cocteau Twins/Banshee Guitar Sounds
by Kneehow on 2012-02-15 11:42:05

I found this thread:


Quote:"It is ... MXR Flanger with a mixture of JC120 Chorus and Yamaha E1010.

Robert Smith used Johns exact guitar rig after he left the Banshees ... which was a JC120 and a Marshall cab split for stereo.

P.S You won't find a bigger fan or better study of Mcgeoch than me ... he is my guitar hero since my teens. I am also in touch with his daughter Emily and had quite a few e-mail back and forth."

Try using the (blue) Dimension model for starters. The (blue) Tri-Chorus is another great detune effect on the M13.

Re: Cocteau Twins/Banshee Guitar Sounds
by finchmark on 2012-02-15 13:10:52

Many thanks for that.

I dont suppose either yourself or anybody else have any suggested settings, especially for chorus and flanger (did they use those two effects at the same time?) And settings for detune? Would the rate be high and the depth be low or the other way around?

I'm guessing their sound uses distortion which is then all kind of 'squelched' about with the chorus/flange/delay?? It's just those darn settings!!


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