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spider2 hd75 and mkii pedal issues
by Ucitburns on 2012-02-11 09:38:18

hi there i have a spider II 75 hd i bought this amp brand new back like 5 years or so ago and have never had any of the fbv pedals, well i just bought a fbv4 mkII pedal finaly and pluged it in and nothing no power to the pedal at all? thought maybe i got a bad pedal as it was a used pedal, so i went and bought a brand new pedal to find out that the new one does'nt light up either so this is a amp issue? any ideas? as i said i bought the amp new and never had a line6 pedal hooked up till now and it just doesnt work? ive tryed some pot cleaner on the rj jack thinking maybe it had a dirty connection but still nothing? been a really ok amp other then this problem.........

Re: spider2 hd75 and mkii pedal issues
by Line6Don on 2012-02-28 09:47:10

If you tested a brand new FBV4 with your amp and it would not light up or switch channels, than the problem could be with the FBV jack on the amp itself.

One thing is to try another ethernet cable to connect the two to rule out the possibility of it being a faulty cable. If switching cables doesn't bring the FBV4 to life, I would suggest that you have a local Line 6 service center assess the FBV port on your amp. To locate one in your area, follow the link below:


Re: spider2 hd75 and mkii pedal issues
by Ucitburns on 2012-03-01 14:06:51

i have contacted the only line6 rep around me and 1 they wont return emails and 2 they wont return phonecalls just as bad as the service techs at line6 im over there junk i will never buy anything related to line6 ever again ive been trying to get this problem fixed for allmost a year now with no help from line6, i have figured out the problem there is a small transitor behind the pedal plug that is blown apart but nothing has ever been hooked up to it? so this was a factory issue not misuse and you cant buy parts to fix them anywhere? i tryed the used pedal on another line6 amp and it worked fine,so i will move on to another brand that backs there product and i will do my best to make sure anyone i know doesnt buy line6 ever again either but thanks for your reply

Re: spider2 hd75 and mkii pedal issues
by fflbrgst on 2012-03-02 06:16:52

Sorry you have had a bad experience with the amp, but no manufacturers of electronic products warrant their products for 5 years these days.  The transisitor would not have been 'blown apart' at the factory, so this may have happened at the place you bought the amp.  

Note that the Line 6 Service Centers are independent companies, they are not LINE 6, just places authorized to work on Line 6 equipment. 

Not sure how you can expect Line 6 service techs to be able to help you further if you don't send them the equipment for evaluation.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.