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DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by davenliz on 2012-02-15 08:22:00

I have a new DT25 head/cab and PODHD500 rig that I have setup. They are connected using a Microphone XLR cable. I have ordered an AES/EBU cable which has not yet arrived. I am old school and have a question regarding dual tones. 1. When you select a dual tone from the bundled dual tones that the POD came with, shouldn't the DT25 have both channels A and B on? Otherwise I'm not sure how the rig can truly emulate a 2 amp setup. 2. Is the channel switching circuitry only capable of one or the other? I would think that if you are doing a gig using a dual tone and needed to make an adjustment to just one amp, you could reach over and turn a knob on the amp's front panel and keep going. It would be too hard to do on the POD on the fly with having to navigate buttons on the floor. I couldn't find the answers I was looking for on the L6 site. So, I apologize up front for my noobishness.

Thanks for helpful responses,


Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by TheRealZap on 2012-02-15 08:25:32

it can't play through both the a and b channels... those are pretty much just builtin presets for simple use with the amp alone...

it's also a mono amp... so it can't "truly" emulate 2 amps... because its a single amp, which is configured one way...

the dual amp capability is done by blending the models...

for "true" dual amp operation... you'll need 2 amps.

Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by davenliz on 2012-02-15 09:29:53

Thanks for the prompt reply. Your explanation makes sense. Sure would be cool though if you could have both on at the same time.

Thanks again!

Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by LewisBrunton on 2012-02-17 03:15:36

What would happen if you have a dual amp patch where the amp is the same but with different tone stack settings? I am guessing that it should work ok as the preamp modelling in the PodHD will deal with the preamp tone and the power amp modelling applied by the DT25 would be appropriate for both channels (amps).

Any thoughts?


Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by danerada on 2012-02-17 09:33:00

I think you are spot on Lewis.

Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by henryswansen on 2012-06-12 03:26:08

Sorry to bump this, but how do i set this up in the HD500? I have some dual amp patches but when I run it through the DT25 I only get one of the amp sounds. I had a play around with the settings in the setup menus but couldn't get it worked out. They are panned centre in the mixer so I don't know what the go is. Is it possible? Sounds like it from this thread.

My idea is to blend sounds just to add some flavour, stretch what these pretty cool pieces of gear can do. I do have concerns that the topologies may not be able to run concurrently.

Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by greghall on 2012-06-14 00:54:59

Dual amps into a sinle DT25 is possible, but it is a compromise (as zap said above), as the power amp topology set for amp A is shared by amp B. You can still get some great sounds using this setup though.

Another approach is to set the power amp topology to its cleanest settings, class A, no NFL etc and then use the full amp models. Again it's a compromise because the digital power amps are put through the analogue power amp, but it does allow you to get more distinctive dual amp tones. 

If you can't hear amp B, I suggest you check your input settings to ensure you don't have a different input into channel / amp B. Try setting input 2 to same.



Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by STPLE on 2013-01-16 09:06:20

Can you help with a question.  I've had the POD500 for a while and built quite a few dual tones that I have used quite a bit.  I just recently bought a DT25.  I haven't yet used it live yet - still working it out.  I love the amp.  Here is my question or problem - last night I tried using one of my dual amp tones and the amp starting buzzing and weird high pitch warping sound (very very loud) came out of the amp (without even playing).  I thought I was damaging the amp.  I quickly changed the patch!  Before I hooked it up I changed both amp models to the preamp versions.  Do you know what the problem is??

Basically, could it be input settings??  If so, how do you set it up the DT25 for a dual amp patch??  If I did that can I then play through a single amp patch in same live setting with messing with the inputs, etc.?? 

Assuming I can get to actually playing with the patch, what is the cleanest settings on the DT25 - is it Class A, I, Pentode??


Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by greghall on 2013-01-16 10:32:08

what is the cleanest settings on the DT25 - is it Class A, I, Pentode??

Yes, exactly right.

If so, how do you set it up the DT25 for a dual amp patch??

After lots of experimenting, I came to the conclusion that using single amp patches works best with the DT25 - it is a mono amp afterall! With dual amp patches, both amps have the same topology (amp A setting), and as there is no stereo seperation, dual amps don't work that well with a single DT25. With 2 DT's however, it would be a completely different story!

I just have seperate set lists for when I play live with the DT25 (all single pre-amp tones) and for home / recording (some dual amp, all full-amp tones).

last night I tried using one of my dual amp tones and the amp starting buzzing and weird high pitch warping sound (very very loud) came out of the amp (without even playing)

I've experienced some very loud volume spikes / feedback when switching patches, particularly ones that involve topology changes. I suspect this was the cause. The patch level may have been to high. When creating patches, the default settings for an amp model get reset when you change models, so you just need to be a bit careful. Any changes seem much more noticable when connected to a DT. I use quite a few different patches, and getting them to a consistent level does take some time - but essential for live playing!

If the problem does continue though, it could be the valves - sometimes they come loose in transit, so you'll need to ensure they are seated firmly. Our speak to the shop you bought it from.

Hope that helps.



Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by STPLE on 2013-01-16 11:47:49

I was afraid of that.  I was still hoping to be able to have some compromised dual amp tone.  What worried me is that when I put in the dual amp tone the DT totally freaked out - not an amp buzz (I kow this sound) but a high pitched really really loud ear shattering piercing sound came out.  Something was wrong in the setup. 

If I were to try for a dual amp tone (even with the same amp - like double stacking 2 VOX AC30s) would I have to set the inputs differently within the pod??  You know when you connect through Line6 Link on the setup screen 4 - you change it to power "combo power amp".  Is there a setting for dual amps.  Would changing Amp 2 to channel 1 (on page 9 or 10 of the setup screen) be the correct setp up??  The video says to be sure that Amp 1 is set up to channel 1 - would I also set Amp 2 to channel 1??

Thanks for your help.

Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by greghall on 2013-01-17 02:38:35

There is no special output setting for dual amps with a DT - combo power amp is correct.

The midi settings can be a bit confusing, but basically a single DT (Amp 1) is controlled by the topology settings for your amp model in path A, using midi channel 1. As the HD is acting as the pre-amp, the signal from a dual amp patch is summed to mono before it gets to the DT.

By setting Amp 2 on channel 1, it allows you to configure 2 DT amps the same (i.e. both set to the topology settings for the amp in path A). The different midi channels allow you to have different settings when using multiple amps. The channel settings are necessary as the amps are 'chained' using the L6 Link.


Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by spaceatl on 2013-01-17 06:25:45

mixing preamps sometimes works...But doing dual tones in one amp is a little outside reality and can get to be a real pain in terms of getting them time coherent...My opinion is if you want dual tone, use two amps...

BTW what you are asking for is serialized chains...It's very compilcated to setup, but it can be done...Basically you jump the Left output back to the second input...You have to keep the chains panned apart and the right output becomes your only output...With one amp I think you might need to go right to left...right output to second input, then mayber the link will work...I have serialized my HD desktop and run it 4CM with an amp so I could switch out using a real preamp with the Desktop for FX or an HD preamp...HD500 is easier to serialize the chains than the desktop, that much I know...

Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by STPLE on 2013-01-17 07:31:05

Thanks.  I was confused with Amp 1 and Amp 2 in the input settings but it seems to make sense now.  I played with it last night quite a bit and I discovered a few mistakes in the previous patch I copied.  I basically took a dual amp patch that I used live before and recopied but used pre-amps instead of full amp models.  That was a bad idea.  I went ahead and rebuilt the same patch from scratch and it worked a whole lot better.  I also added a noise gate in front.  It actually sounded kinda cool but it is a bit different than the PA patch I was using before.  I may or may not use that particular patch but it was nice to know that I can set up a dual amp patch with different topologies and have it in working condition.  Who knows with a bit more tweeking I may use it.

I have yet to try using a full amp models on the pedal and running through the amp at it's cleanest settings.  Maybe try that in the near future to test the differences.

I did work on a few other patches that I will use.  That amp is amazing.  The jump from the PA monitor to the DT25 is a really worth the effort.  Even if the dual amp tones don't work out perfectly I'm not worried at all.  The tones I'm getting out of the DT25 with 500 with single amps (or a dual setup with the same amp - ie 2 AC30s) is amazing.

Thanks for your help I really appreciate it.

Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by animastereo on 2013-01-30 19:34:47

Sorry if this has been covered, but what if ou use 1 DT 25 head with two single cabs?????

Does that make it stereo/dual amp????

Re: DT25 + PODHD500 rig Questions
by spaceatl on 2013-01-30 19:39:57

2 stock cabs goes to 4 ohm mono load with one DT25 need two heads and at least two cabs to do stereo.

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