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FBV Express MKii and POD HD desktop - Effect control
by keykeeper on 2012-02-25 15:54:38

I have  a POD HD desktop and I am considering if the FBV EXpress would be the best control for me but I am wondering if the following functionality is available with the pair.

I do not really need to switch between presets but I have one major preset where I want to control FS/effect groups within that preset, Is it possible to configure FBV EXpress MKii to do this. Eg if A is pressed then the tremolo goes on/off, if B is pressed the delay and reverb is turned on/off etc.. Also I would still need to set TAP tempo..

If it is possible to configure the express this way I assume the possibility to switch between presets is lost or is it possible to toggle the pedals behaviour?


Re: FBV Express MKii and POD HD desktop - Effect control
by laplayantonio on 2012-02-29 04:45:20


the behavour of FBVs MkII cannot be changed when used to control Line6 devices, only to use it as a USB Midi controller

I would strongly advise you using a Shortboard MkII instead with your HD


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