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M5 Instant Preset mode not working properly
by MesaBlueAngel on 2012-02-26 10:32:40

I recently purchased an M5 Pedal and when I set the Instant Preset mode on and then go into preset mode some of the presets won't load as a scroll up and down.

The factory presets load instantly, but some of the new ones I created don't. 

Anyone know what is going on?  Is there something else I have to do.



Re: M5 Instant Preset mode not working properly
by phil_m on 2012-02-26 11:18:56

When you say they won't load, what exactly do you mean? Does it not change from the preset you're on to the new one you're selecting?

The one I can think of is that perhaps you saved your preset with the effect in the off state so that when you bring it up, the preset is active, but the effect isn't turned on yet.

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