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Expression Pedal strange noises
by jjjjjmmmmm on 2012-03-01 07:57:43

Help.. I'm getting strange noises every time I move my expression pedal??

I use my M9 primarily for Delay/Reverbs and every effect has the mix parameter controlled by the expression pedal. For example... in the heel position on the Cave Reverb every parameter is set except the mix is at zero and in the toe position all the parameters stay the same except that the mix level is dialed in to 50%.

So when I get to a part in a song that I want reverb I push the expression pedal to the toe position and it makes this warbly screeching noise for a second instead of just fading into the reverb setting. It is very noticeable but only happens when I've had the mix at zero for a while and then push down on the exp pedal. When I first turn the effect on it will not do this but after I play a few notes and adjust the expression pedal from off to on I get this sound as if I'm adjusting the feeback knob on a delay pedal.

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.. thanks!

Re: Expression Pedal strange noises
by phil_m on 2012-03-01 11:21:10

I've noticed that sort of thing happening on a few of the reverb models. I think what you may be hearing might be a result of the pre-delay in the reverb, but I'm not completely sure. I have patch where I do what you're talking about with the Octoverb model, and I don't really notice anything odd. I haven't tried it with the Cave model, though.

Re: Expression Pedal strange noises
by jjjjjmmmmm on 2012-03-01 11:39:59

Phil- Thanks for the feedback. It seems to be happening to me on several different reverb models and I it hasn't really happened before? So I wonder what I'm doing now that is causing this to happen??

It seems like somehow a signal is getting to the reverb while the mix is at zero and it being oddly amplified as I dial in the mix via the expression pedal. Has anyone else experienced this?

In the meantime I'm looking for patches where this seems to be less prone for my set up --> heel = zero mix & toe = mix around 50%.

Re: Expression Pedal strange noises
by jjjjjmmmmm on 2012-03-05 12:26:35

Does anyone else have this issue or know of a potential solution??

One thing that I realized I left out in my explanation is that when I move the exp pedal from heel to toe I don't have to be playing anything on the guitar and the reverb makes this weird noise that phil was calling pre-delay. Why would changing the mix knob (via exp pedal) on a reverb while I'm not playing make a noise at all?

Thanks to anyone who posts up their thoughts/suggestions/feedback!

Re: Expression Pedal strange noises
by Kneehow on 2012-03-28 16:45:06

One thing to check: if you enter the "Setup" mode (pressing both FX1 + FX2 switches), then push down on the "Model Select" knob a few times until the screen is in the "Prefs" options.

Is the lower-center parameter set to: REL POTS or ABS POTS?

More importantly, if you test by switching between the two states and then go to the Reverb effect and do your expression pedal sweep, does one of the two modes provide you the sort of parameter change you're desiring?

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