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by mikexx76g on 2012-03-14 02:45:46


I would like to change the settings of the WAH, I mean i don't want my wah sound to be so strident and reedy, but softer and not that deep. Is it possible to do that? I have a SPIDER IV 120 2.00 and FBV Exspress MkII. I have downloaded a FBV Control software and connected my gear to the computer. Actually I don't know what to do next, what parametheres to change and how to save my changes. Please help!



by fflbrgst on 2012-03-14 10:34:00

FBV Control is to control a MIDI device with the FBC controller, nothing to do with controlling your amp settings.

I don't think you can change the parameter settings for the Wah in amp edit mode.  I assume you don't want the tone to get as trebly?  All a Wah does is change the tone from no treble to full treble.  Easiest way is just to avoid pressing the pedal allthe way forward.

by mikexx76g on 2012-03-19 02:49:56

What a shame...

Thank you anyway

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