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I want to replace my Variax600 Line6 sell 'em?
by voodooxtc on 2012-03-16 02:48:36.7270

I want to replace my Variax600 pickguard...does anybody know if  Line6 sell 'em? Also I have one of the original pedal boards that came with a Flextone Amp but the Wah pedal no longer works. It looks as though the plastic strip that used to be under the pedal has broken. Is this a common fault? and how can I get it fixed?

Re: I want to replace my Variax600 Line6 sell 'em?
by laplayantonio on 2012-03-20 06:20:50.7840


please contact directly Line6 UK ( ):


Clifton House,

Butlers Leap,

Rugby, Warwickshire,

CV21 3RQ.

+44 (0)1788 566 566 (phone)

+44 (0)1788 566 569 (fax)


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