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hey JCM 900 4501 owners.....what's the best......?
by wetredbox on 2012-03-23 12:05:15

way to use the HD500 with this amp?  I have use of one for a while and while I plug the guitar into the HD and the 1/4 out left into the return on the amps' effect loop it sounds failry aweful.  this is supposedly bypassing the preamp of the amp, allowing the power section to simply amplify the HD signal.  is there a better way to get the best sound that any JCM 900 owners use?

Thanks much

Re: hey JCM 900 4501 owners.....what's the best......?
by TheBunn on 2012-03-23 15:58:25


Not sure if you already edited your patch in this way, but when using any pod device in conjunction with a traditional amp, even when bypassing the pre-amp consider these things:

1. Setting the global output settings to (in your case) "Stack Power Amp"

2. Defeat the cabinet model (select "no Cab")

3. Trying both the full amp models (w/ no cab) and pre-amp only (w/ no cab) models

If you are using the full amp models experiment with the power amp settings. As well, some of the models get "cloudy" sounding if the power stage volume and/ or bias are set too high.

While I do not have a JCM 900, I did have a similar experience when first attempting to use the pod in this way.

For the record, I was using a HD400 into a Carvin Legacy effects return with good results and have since graduated to a HD Pro into a Carvin DCM power amp which is even more dreamy.

Hope this helps in some way



Re: hey JCM 900 4501 owners.....what's the best......?
by wetredbox on 2012-04-01 16:33:13

thanks for the info.  I tried all that in conjunction with the 4cm i read about here.  sounds good

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