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Issues capturing tone when recording via USB. Help please.
by anezc1 on 2012-03-30 07:37:45

Line 6 community.

I've researched this a bit and found older slightly different postings with not a whole lot of results.  I was hoping to get some help on this.

I have dialed up a tone on my POD X3 that sounds pretty good coming out of my amplifier as well as my monitor speakers.  I have amp and cab sims with the eq on, and everything is set up on my POD, so there's no additional vst's being used (pod farm, nor gearbox, etc.)

I am recording this tone (single tone, not using the dual tone feature) into a Macbook Pro running Cubase 5 via USB.  No audio interface.  Just the POD straight into the computer with the USB cable.  When played back without applying additional effects, EQ, or other VST's, the tone sounds very different from what was coming out of the speakers as I was playing.  It is harsh, abrasive, and full of low frequencies.  I end up having to EQ a ton just to try an approach the sound that was originally coming out of the speakers, but it's just not the same.

So, to sum it up, the sound coming out of the POD X3 straight to the monitors is good, but the tone going through USB to the DAW is pretty bad.  I've tred changing the USB inputs, gone from stereo to mono in the recordings, but I have not been able to fix it.

Do you think it has to do with routing, sampling rate, the fact that I'm using USB?  The set up is as simple as it gets, so we should be able to pin point the issue unless this is just how it is.

I'd hate to think that this is normal though.  After all, I'm trying to capture the tone I'm hearing out my speakers, but what plays back is something very different.

Thanks in advance for the help.  Let me know if there's anything else.  I'll probably try to do a project from scratch this weekend to see if that fixes it.


Re: Issues capturing tone when recording via USB. Help please.
by silverhead on 2012-03-30 07:55:32

Check to make sure that you have configured Cubase to use the X3 as its audio input/output device. Then double check your Record Input selection when you arm a track for recording - make sure you are selecting the one you want from the multiple options that the X3 can send over USB for recording purposes. (Stereo mix, Tone1, Tone 2, Dry)

Also, the USB always sends the Studio/Direct signal over USB. If you are monitoring using the 1/4"  Live Outputs in one of the X3's Live Output modes (not Match Studio Direct) then there will be a difference between what you are hearing and what is being recorded.

Re: Issues capturing tone when recording via USB. Help please.
by anezc1 on 2012-03-30 08:38:40

Thanks a bunch for the reply.

As to your points, I've got the X3 configured as my audio I/O device.

As far as selecting the USB output, which is the more appropriate for a single tone? Stereo Mix, Tone 1?

Monitoring in Cubase is turned off because it's delayed, so I am monitoring using the 1/4" outputs into my monitors.  You said it does not match studio direct, so I think you've hit on the issue there. I forgot to specify that I have the bean, or desktop version of the POD X3, instead of the "Live," but I think the functionality is the same.

I guess my question then would be, how do I go about recording what I hear coming out of the monitors?  Do I need to hookup my 1/4" audio outputs into an audio interface like an apogee or an M-Adudio fast-track and go USB from there?  Or is there a different recording mode in the POD to allow for this output through the USB?

Thanks again!

Re: Issues capturing tone when recording via USB. Help please.
by silverhead on 2012-03-30 08:52:18

OK - thanks for clarifying that you have the X3 Bean - that changes things (I don't know why I assumed it was the Live - my bad).

The Bean has no XLR Outputs but it still has the Studio / Direct Outputs page. See manual page 6-4, especially the bulleted point where it says that USB 1-2 outputs always get this mix. That's what you referred to as the Stero mix above. So if that's what you select as the Record Input for your track you will NOT be recording what you hear from your monitors. But it also implies that if you select, for instance, Tone 1 as your Record Input you will get (from the X3 Bean) the same tone you are hearing from your Live Outputs (set to a Live mode - not Match Studio Direct) sent over USB.

Give that a try.

Failing that, then yes - you can make sure you record what you are hearing by using an separate audio interface. But I think the above will work - you shouldn't need a separate interface.

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