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updating a XD-V70 flash memory
by nevedfc on 2012-04-02 11:54:55


     I am having trouble connecting an XD-V70 through an XD-V75 to update the flash memory to the latest version.  I have downloaded Monkey and am following the steps correctly.  When Monkey launches it sees the V75 in loader mode.  I then tell it I want to connect to a V70.  Monkey tells me to plug in a TRS cable between the audio outs of both devices and I have done that.  I then disconnect the power from the V70 as it says to in step 2 and then I click OK.

     When I click OK a window opens asking for a V75 update file.  This doesn't make sense since I want to update a V70.  If I give it the correct V75 update file (version 2.01) I get an error message saying it is incompatiable with the current system.  This makes sense since I want to update the V70 and not the V75.  If I select the proper V70 update file, the software returns a message saying invalid V75 update file.  I get stuck in a loop.

     I believe Monkey needs to detect the V70 first before asking for an update file but it appears it isn't doing that when I click "OK".  I expect to be prompted to plug in the power to the V70 as step 2 says I will be when Monkey is ready.  Monkey never prompts me to plug in the power. 

     What is missing in the on screen instructions for connecting a V70 through a V75?  I am following every step exactly but I can't get Monkey to see the box.  I know I have the correct TRS cable properly connecting the two devices via that help page.


Re: updating a XD-V70 flash memory
by Detonator on 2012-04-02 13:20:06

nevedfc -

I just updated some xd-v70s, some tips:

1.  I had to be logged into line 6 first.

2.  the instructions omit the step where you first choose xd-v75. (before you click "change device")

3.  you then choose "line 6 wireless device usb".

4.  you choose xd-v70 here.

The line 6 monkey screens have the correct instructions, be careful to observe when items should be powered or not, plugged in or not...


Tim Tyler

Detonator Sound

Re: updating a XD-V70 flash memory
by nevedfc on 2012-04-02 18:45:12

Right but it's important to note that you must be logged in within Monkey and not simply a browser.  The reason I was confused was because when I launch Monkey, it connects to the server and told me I should get the latest version of Monkey, which I did.  I never saw a log in screen.  The first screen that appeared is the screen with the entire list of products on the left and at the top of this screen it says it is connected to a V75.  The instructions on that screen tell me to select the product I want to update form the list so I was choosing the V70.  No where did I see any log in fields. 

After a bunch of experiementing and this answer above, I figured out you must tell it you want to update the V75 first even though it already says it is connected to the V75.  Then you get a screen with log in fields at the top.  Then you click "change device", then you click "line 6 wireless device USB" which ulitmately brings me back to the very first screen Monkey displayed (although this time I am logged in.)  The 2nd time you see this screen is where you select the V70 from the list and then follow the steps and it will download the file because you are logged in.

It is confusing to see the first screen in Monkey where you see all the products and instructions to select the product you want to update when you actually need to select the product that is connected via USB.  Monkey should load with the first screen it displays being the screen with the login fields so you do that first and then you navigate to the screne where you select from the product list the teathered device.  I see no reason for Monkey to display the entire product list on the first screen if you can only click the device it already knows is attached to USB before getting to the log in screen.

Rewriting Monkey to display a log in only screen as the first screen after finishing loading would force users to log in before doing anything else or giving them any other choices.  That would say the confusing loop I got stuck in. 


Re: updating a XD-V70 flash memory
by Detonator on 2012-04-02 19:01:55

nevedfc -

So did you get everything working?

I feel your pain - I was challenged, using trial & error, as the instructions could be more precise... My first attempts were confounded by my Vista laptop, I had to change to a Windows 7 machine to (eventually) find success. 


Tim Tyler

Detonator Sound

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