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Best Place to plug in m13... Power amp (rear)or in or in front
by mennace on 2012-04-04 02:07:26

Which is the better or proper place to plug in effects pedals ?  What exactly is the power in on rear of amp for, is it for me adding my own pedals to the m13, or is it where m13 goes better with amp and how does it effect pedal sound?

Message was edited by: denis freiden. Maybe my question should be "best way to route cables from m13 to spider valve mkII. With power amp and which effects should be routed To power in. Etc and if I were to add tube screamer pedal where would it go.

Re: Best Place to plug in m13... Power amp (rear)or in or in front
by Kneehow on 2012-04-10 15:12:35

It really depends on what sounds you're trying to go for. I have friends who prefer to "distort their modulation and delays", so these players will pretty much put their effects *before* the input jack of their amps.

Then, I know some studio session guys (older and from the 1980's era) who believe that the only place to put Chorus and Delays is *after* the preamp stage of a tube amp because, well... I guess that's the sound they subjective consider to be good. These guys will usually put the effect processor in the FX Loop of an amp. The delays and modulation effects will be "clearer" and more "focused" sounding. I guess "polished" is a good term to use for this routing, too.

For the Spider Valve amps:

Preamp Out = FX Loop Send

Power Amp In = FX Loop Return

Re: Best Place to plug in m13... Power amp (rear)or in or in front
by cgtrox on 2012-04-10 21:59:24

With an M13 I would definitely go with the 4CM (4 cable method, see attached) on any amp. On mine (am MKI SV) I use an M9 thru the loop and only use the gain and reverb off of the amp. But if it is an MKII SV you can do the 4CM and have a PLETHORA of options!


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