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V70 and iPad issues
by Pr0154 on 2012-04-09 06:57:15

Hi - First I'd like to say I do enjoy using the V70 wireless for its great sound and incredible range - when I can.

We use a Yamahe LS-9 digital mixer and run it wireless with either a laptop or an iPad with Stagemix installed.

If I try to use the V70 when I use the iPad, I keep getting booted off the connection but the V70 is not affected.

It does not seem to affect the laptop (Panasonic CF-19)

I have tried different channels on both the V70 and the router but it still has the issue.

My workaround for now is using an older 700Mhz system but as it is well known, those frequencies are now not permitted but my location is quite rural - I live on an island.

Any suggestions on a possible solution?

Re: V70 and iPad issues
by Detonator on 2012-04-09 08:04:23

Get a router that operates in the 5 gig band.  I have not used the XD-v75 units yet, but the XD-v70 used in 12 channel (RF1) mode is going to be "problematic" for other wifi devices if you try to operate in 2.4 gig.  I use a D-link DIR-815 which works well for me and is reasonably priced.  Perhaps the RF2 mode is more accommodating to 2.4 gig, I plan on using 5 gig in any event.

I'm using iLiveT systems, mixing almost totally from the iPad1, and have had almost no issues since switching to 5 gig, (other than a couple of jobs that had extremely concentrated wifi, police & ems usage, and that resulted in some wireless mic dropouts, but no iPad issues (after I "ignored" a slew of sources...)).  I have found that my iPad is more responsive when removed from the case it's normally in.

Allen & Heath produced a list of routers they tested with results they found:  FYI, only.


Tim Tyler

Detonator Sound

Re: V70 and iPad issues
by dboomer on 2012-04-09 08:49:19

If you insatll the new V2.0 firmware in your V70 you will be able to operate in RF 2 mode.  In this mode cahnnels for both the wireless mics and for wi-fi operation can be co-ordinated,  It is a free download that you can access from our Monkey program, but you must use a V75 receiver as the computer interface.  So you will need access to a V75 possible from your dealer.  Alternately you can return it to our service department, however there is a charge for labor and shipping.

Re: V70 and iPad issues
by Pr0154 on 2012-04-09 10:43:26

Thanks Don and Tim - at the moment I dont have access to a V75 but my next gig is a while away and will look into getting one in stock at the local store.

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