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Pod Farm "Demo" + POD XT + Mac OS 10.4.11 = Problems!
by calmswe on 2012-04-15 00:07:28


I got an older mac with 10.4.11 and have borrowed a Pod XT to try out Pod Farm. I would like to try a demoversion of Pod Farm before I buy it to see how it works with Logic. I understand that you can download the Pod Farm 2.5 but it doesn´t work with my old systemversion. Can I find a free demo of an earlier version of Pod Farm to try out?

Also...Line6 Monkey want to upgrade as soon as I start it up. When it upgrades it doesnt work with my old system. Is there a work around for Line6 Monkey to work?

Re: Pod Farm "Demo" + POD XT + Mac OS 10.4.11 = Problems!
by Line6Tony on 2012-06-06 12:40:37

Unfortunately, POD Farm 1 only works with POD Studio or TonePorts. You can use the free standalone version with those units and can get it from

Youcan download an old version of Monkey, then run it while not connected to the internet.

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